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About RapidSeedbox

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Our mission and culture

✔️We are on a mission to provide more online anonymity to people worldwide. Join us on the journey!

✔️Our core values are the following:

✔️Excellence in everything we do (We go above and beyond!)

✔️ Ownership and responsibility (We own it)

✔️ Continuously push the limits (We don’t accept no as an answer. No is just an opinion)

✔️ Openness & Cooperation (Everyone matters)

Who are we?

✔️ Website:

✔️ SaaS Company

✔️ Hosting and Networking company in the anonymity space, active since 2008

✔️ Thousands of active paying clients.

Job description

About the role

The key focuses of your role will be:

✔️Initiating, managing, and developing strong relationships with a variety of torrent tracker partners

✔️Negotiating and executing joint partner activities, working collaboratively on a variety of initiatives to position RapidSeedbox as key solution for trackers and other partners.

✔️Contribute to improving our overall value proposition, messaging, and processes by working closely with the Product, Marketing, and Sales teams, to drive valuable opportunities that result in successful new partnerships.

✔️Finding new partners that can help us sell our IPv6 product

Specific outcomes of the role

1. Finding new tracker collaborations: Creating partnerships with trackers in the torrenting space so they can drive traffic to our Seedbox & get affiliate commissions in return.

2. Creating partnerships with 3rd parties that can promote our IPv6 product and help us rent all of our IPv6

3. Lead Generation + Relationship Building: You should have identified a regular stream of leads, who could be great potential relationships for RapidSeedbox to partner with.

4. Increasing MRR through partnerships: You have helped generate at least $50,000 of new MRR for RapidSeedbox within the first 12 months through new partnerships that you were responsible for generating.

What is necessary for this role:

To be a successful candidate, you need:

✔️4+ yrs of experience of applied marketing experience in the same field of being a business development representative

✔️A deep understanding of the torrenting space, as one of our products offers private torrenting experience

We’re looking for the following soft skills of the right person:


✔️Attention to detail



✔️Hunger to get results

You are perfect for this role if:

✔️ You have an active personality. You want to grow and learn. We believe you either grow or you die.

✔️ You show initiative and suggest improvements for the processes you are involved in.

✔️ You get stuff done. Results and outcomes are important to you.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and apply!

Benefits of the position

✔️ 100% Remote work!

✔️Professional growth opportunities. We are a small company and you can touch many parts of the business and grow a lot.

✔️Paid vacations and paid sick days

✔️Personal development fund for personal development growth each year

✔️Emergency fund


Hiring process

Reached the end and still interested? Our hiring process would be including a few steps

Please fill in the form below to submit your application. From there, the interviewing process would include the following steps:

✔️ A questionnaire we would be asking you to fill

✔️ Linux tests

✔️ Reading a book (Up to 1 hr of your time) relevant to the position

✔️ Interviews with 3x people in the company

✔️ Referencing

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