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About RapidSeedbox

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Our mission and culture

✔️ We are on a mission to provide more online anonymity to people worldwide. Join us on the journey!

✔️Our core values are the following:

✔️Excellence in everything we do (We go above and beyond!)

✔️ Ownership and responsibility (We own it)

✔️ Continuously push the limits (We don’t accept no as an answer. No is just an opinion)

✔️ Openness & Cooperation (Everyone matters)

Who are we?

✔️ Website:

✔️ SaaS Company

✔️ Hosting and Networking company in the anonymity space, active since 2008

✔️ Thousands of active paying clients.

Job description

About the role

The key focuses of your role will be:

🔵Leading our product efforts, optimizing the product experience/onboarding and lowering our churn rate.
🔵Accountability of the whole department in the company by managing the team in an effective way

What is necessary for this role

To excel in this role, you need to have a mixture of technical skills and leadership/people skills:

Technical/Product skills, or more specifically:

✔️At least 5 years of applied knowledge in being a SaaS product manager. We’re looking for a seasoned product manager. (Bonus points: You already worked in a start-up or a fast-growing tech company).

✔️A deep understanding of the techniques and methods of modern product discovery and product delivery.

✔️At least 5 years of experience with onboarding experiences of products. (Recommended)

✔️You have clear exposure to the following fields: Online anonymity, privacy, or security sectors

✔️You really get the SaaS world and the metrics that drives a SaaS business.

✔️Someone who is resourceful and is able to execute in terms of marketing would be very useful. In addition, someone who has great written language and can write good product tours, onboarding emails, etc.

Leadership and management skills, or more specifically:

✔️3+ years of experience acting as a team manager/leader

✔️Proficient communication skills (written communication, voice communication, and excellent asynchronous communication skills)

✔️Ability to teach and coach co-workers new skills, including explanations of technical concepts and a lot of soft/psychological skills to elevate the team to the next level

✔️Active listening skills and the ability to gather information

✔️Ability to efficiently delegate tasks to others when needed & the ability to break down projects and tasks in Asana with clear due dates and assignments

✔️Ability to empathize with the team and show an understanding of their tasks and responsibilities, as well as wellbeing

✔️Ability to hold a team accountable for the KPIs and deliverables of the department

✔️Being a strong leader and a strong manager


What’s in it for you?

✔️100% Remote: Fully remote and full-time role. Fully flexible working schedule; you can be online at any time during the day as long as you clock 40 hours per work week and deliver results. The company measures only performance and results

✔️Emergency fund: We provide an emergency fund in case of emergencies up to $1,000, interest free and in a comfortable payouts.

✔️Personal development: We provide a personal development fund to aid your personal development

✔️Focused time blocks: We discourage meetings before noon so employees can have undistracted time to work.

✔️Incredible Growth and Promotion Opportunities: We are a small company and there is a lot of opportunity to make your mark, grow professionally and also be promoted.

✔️Swag: You get company gear swag shipped to you.

✔️Bonus structure: Based off performance, we create bonus structures


Hiring process

Reached the end and still interested? Our hiring process would be including a few steps

Please fill in the form below to submit your application. From there, the interviewing process would include the following steps:

✔️ A questionnaire we would be asking you to fill

✔️ Reading a book (Up to 1 hr of your time) relevant to the position

✔️ Interviews with 3x people in the company

✔️ Test task

✔️ Referencing

About you