Reinstall Seedbox via your Control Panel (useful for upgrade too)

We love our customers!

Therefore, we continuously improve our factory (out of the box) Seedbox template.

In this article, we’ll explain how to reinstall Seedbox with our latest template and benefit from our new features.

You will gain a lot by updating to a new template!

Some of the advantages are:

  • Improved security (you can never go wrong with that.)
  • You will benefit from the Ubuntu OS (16.04 LTS.)
  • Seedbox Streaming (using PLEX, for supported plans only.)
  • Revamped Remote Desktop
  • Over 50 applications are available to be installed with our new one-click installers.
  • And more… (full details here)

To view your Control Panel credentials, log in to your Client Area with the credentials you’ve received in the email when you signed up.

Login to Control Panel

When acessing the Contol Panel, a prompt window will be shown like on the picture. Enter credentials to start.

Display your Seedbox information

In the next screen, you can do various operations on Seedbox.

  • Booting operations
  • Changing the hostname of a Seedbox
  • Changing your Root password
  • View current statistics

The most interesting action related to our operations is the Reinstall button which allows us to reinstall Seedbox.

Please note before proceeding, that this operation will wipe all your data so backup the important data on some Cloud or your Local PC.

Another important thing is Operating System field: if you see [OVZ7] prefix you should pick [OVZ7] templates only! Re-installation with incorrect template will destroy your box irreversibly so you won’t be able to operate it further and will need help of our support team!

Reinstall Seedbox

The following list of templates will  apper on the Reinstall page. At the time of writing this article, our latest templates are:

  • Seedbox 16.04 (v30) [+Desktop]              – Included in all plans
  • Seedbox 16.04 (v30) [+Desktop + Plex] – Included only in Stream and Furious plans

For experienced users, we provide Minimal barebone templates which can be customized in many ways. They are basic light images dedicated for customization.

Additional note: When the reinstallation is performed, you will need to update your passwords related to existing services and torrent clients.
Only your root(SSH) password stays same.
In this article, you can find out how to update passwords:  How to Change your Seedbox Torrent Client Password

Bellow is the list of our current templates.

reinstall seedbox

Select the desired template and click Reinstall. The reinstallation process takes up to ten minutes so please be patient.

Setting up!

When you reinstall your Seedbox, the first thing to do is to update your existing credentials.

You can update credentials for your torrent interface and the others in two ways.

  • Console Access
  • SSH access

What to do if my Root(SSH) password don’t work?

If for some reason your SSH password doesn’t work, alternative for gaining the access is either to update your Root password via Control Panel option or to activate temporary Console session.

Updating the Root password is quite easily, and can be accomplished with two steps only.

When you are logged in to your Control Panel, scroll down up to bottom. You will find a Controls section from where you can do various operations including resetting Root password.

Go to the Root/Admin Password, enter a long and secure password and press Change. We recommend the following  Random Password Generator and generate at least 8 letter string consisted of mixed alpha-numeric characters and symbols.

After you’ve changed your root password, you need to do the following steps depending on your local platform.

  1. Windows – Remove existing sessions in your SSH client (Putty)
  2. Linux – Issue this command: ssh-keygen -R YOUR_SEEDBOX_IP
  3. Mac OS – Open a terminal and issue this command: ssh-keygen -R YOUR_SEEDBOX_IP

You should be able to log in via SSH like before. If you are unsure how to log in via SSH, please check this article: How to Connect to Your Seedbox using SSH


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