$1000 Scholarship for Computer Engineering Students

RapidSeedbox is motivated to help students dedicated to pursuing their dream to be computer engineers and help improve the world with forward-thinking technology. Therefore, we hold a $1000 merit-based scholarship twice a year for students pursuing their passions in one of the following fields:

  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer Software
  • Machine intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence

We’re giving away a $1,000 scholarship to affected college students. All you need to do is submit proof of this semester’s enrollment.

How to apply?

To be eligible for the scholarship, please apply with a 500-words top essay with career aspirations and how you plan to contribute to your chosen field. The article should be based on the following guidelines:

  • Please submit your application before 30th June 2023 for the Fall Scholarship and before 30th November 2023 for the Spring Scholarship.
  • Be concise but highlight your recent personal achievements in the application.
  • All information must be 100% accurate.
  • Photos, videos, and further validation documents as proof or supporting content are welcome.

Eligibility: A minimum GPA of 3.0 (USA/Canada) or Distinction (Australia) enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in the Fall (of the current year) or Spring (of the following year).

General requirements

All winners will need to provide proof of meeting the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old (at the time of disbursement).
  • Must be a citizen of the United States, Canada, or Australia.
  • Must be enrolled in an academic program in a Computer Engineering related field.

How are applications being judged?

The existing editor will be making the judgments. The decision will be based on different factors like grammar, enthusiasm, drive, creative writing, aptitude, and personal achievements.

Privacy: We take the privacy of our applicants very seriously, and all information submitted will remain enclosed and be used for the sole purpose of deciding the scholarship winner(s).