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Affiliate Commission Breakdown


*Note: As we run various promotional campaigns, the prices of our subscription plans rise and fall accordingly. Since your commission is a fixed percentage of the subscription plan prices, it also fluctuates. Rest assured, we will never reduce your commission percentage. We share with you whatever money we make.

Who Can Join Our CPA Program & Affiliate Network?

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Review Sites

Turn your review site into an ATM machine by joining our high paying Proxy & IP Rental affiliate program.

Highly Converting Website


Make your content earn hard cash for you with our best Proxy & IP Rental affiliate program for publishers.

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Turn your blog into a money making machine by joining our affiliate program and promoting RapidSeedbox.

Highly Converting Website


Get paid to make videos. Not only can you earn from ads but also by becoming our proxy & IP Rental affiliate.

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Come to think of it, anyone with the passion to earn can make it rain cash by becoming our affiliate.

Recurring Commissions

Commission rates for selling a Seedbox service is high and on the top of all they are recurring.

Recurring Commissions

Commission rates for selling a VPN service is high and on the top of all they are recurring.

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