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The RapidSeedbox Story

Our story started in the Army in 2011.

Where The Problem Started

The two founders, Agent X and Agent Y needed as much anonymity in their personal lives as they did as soldiers. No one wants to be tracked in the military. Nor should you; in civilian life You need more space, speed and anonymity.

How We Are Fixing It Today

We are a tightly woven team of specialists. We will give you the keys to your own private kingdom on the internet. Bring your A-game. We bought ours. Let’s dive deeper...



We like to add wizardry to every element of your experience and realize that there is NO SUCH THING as a finished product so if you have a suggestion you think could improve your experience you can add it here!


January 2018

Empowering 3,000 active Seedboxes. Wooh! ?


Late-July 2016

We came to it late we know - but we made it! RapidSeedbox roll out a fully mobile-responsive website to make the customers’ experience even FASTER and MORE convenient.
You asked for it. We did it!


July 2016

We introduce a fully mobile-responsive website for RapidSeedbox to make our customers’ experience faster and more convenient.


June 2016

2 full-time developers to join the team. We felt now was the time to get even more in-depth and adapt our expertise.
We put them through all kinds of coding trickery and tests to see if they go roll with us. They knocked it out the park. The team and what we can do for you grows even stronger!


May 2016

With RapidSeedbox’s growth entering double speed - we decided to turn our customer service on at warp speed. We now offer 24/7 support. So every time zone - we have it covered.
Our seedbox and support never sleeps! :)


April 2016

We just kept rocking and rolling from here and hit 1k, yes 1,000 customers. Agent X was dumbfounded. We’re so grateful to your guys reading this. And if you haven’t signed up - you’re more than welcome to join us at any time!


January – April 2016

The paid growth continued - and so did the size of our team as we began adding more members to our customer support ninjas.


October 2015

This was the day we did a dance. Yes for a minute (shhh), Agent X actually danced. Why did we dance I hear you ask? Well. We hit 500 customers - more than tripling our number of happy clients since we first started out. Not bad!
Amazing news (Agent X pats Agent Y on the back. Agent Y looks at Agent X funny)


September 2015

4 years passed - and Agent X and Agent Y decided that the time had come to take the user experience to a whole another level. Some double espresso’s, some sleepless nights, ensued. What did we end up producing? Faster page speed loading times an extensive (very!) help center section and so lot’s of customer kudos (thanks, folks)


April 2015

As progress continued we saw the opportunity for more innovations - and felt we could upgrade our systems and get 2.0 tech gremlins to do the heavy lifting.
With this in mind our wonderful customers (you guys - you rock!) now can get a Seedbox within 180 seconds flat - thanks to our shiny new automated ordering process.


January 2015

As we grew more battle-tested we felt it was time to expand our reach and so we looked abroad - France, Netherlands, and Canada were the three countries we set our sights on :) RapidSeedbox went to the worldwide market, to provide a Seedbox to every end consumer at every point in the world.


May 2014

As time passed Seedhost.net became strong and we felt the time had come to make it feel more like the nature of our service. And more like our own. RAPIDseedbox was born :).
We upped our stability, upped our speed, upped our customer happiness and so felt it was time to update our name, to reflect our service and values better.


April 2012

We started off with 150 customers. And no clue. Military life is a little bit like that as well. You get thrown overboard and are expected to learn to swim or just drown. Immediately.
Customers started to storm in and so we made our first hire. A happy day :)


January 2012

Our lives got turned upside down when we received an email bomb. The founders at Seedhost.net were shutting down their site and service. What would we do without our precious seedbox. We applied reactive maneuvers.
And immediately bought the company.


September 29, 2011

Agent X and Agent Y
It was a sunny September day when we purchased our first ever seedbox from Seedhost.net. It blew our mind. The world of super-fast bandwidth - all day. EVERY DAY. Completely anonymous, speedy and without crushing our girlfriend’s Netflix binge watching.

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