RapidSeedbox: Unique Seedbox Features

Secure and optimized seedbox for an ideal experience.

Seedbox experience

We believe using a Seedbox should be secure, simple and fun.

With decades of combined experience in our team, we created the ultimate Seedbox which we constantly update to fit the latest security and performance standards out there.

Every Seedbox comes with many pre-installed applications, a dedicated IP address to anonymize your online activities, & root access for flexibility.

Sky is the limit!

Full list of programs

Our system apps

  • Apache / PHP
  • Resilio Sync
  • Monit
  • OpenSSH
  • OpenSSL
  • OpenVPN
  • Pure FTP Server
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Our torrent client apps

  • Aria2
  • Deluge
  • NZBGet
  • ruTorrent
  • rTorrent / libTorrent

Our streaming apps

  • Plex Media Server
  • PlexPy

Our remote desktop apps

  • Archive Manager
  • BleachBit
  • ClipGrab
  • Dropbox
  • FileZilla
  • Firefox
  • HandBrake
  • JDownloader2
  • Numix XFCE Themes
  • SABnzbd+
  • Software Center
  • Transmission
  • uGet
  • VLC
  • X2GO Remote Desktop Server
  • XFCE Desktop
  • XRDP

Here are 5 awesome ways to use your seedbox.

Enhanced/Maximized Online Privacy


It is tough keeping privacy today. Your logs, emails, browsing history and sensitive data are visible by anyone who truly wishes to access it.


A Seedbox will enhance your online anonimity with encrpyted access & secure protocols to ensure your data remains private.

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Use your Seedbox every time you are online on the internet and enjoy full privacy.


Enjoy A Comfortable Streaming Experience


Your wish to have your files available anywhere or your hard disks are full. Maybe you simply want to save storage on your local machine. You just want to stream your favorite media files right now.


Your Seedbox can also become a Plex Media Server and hosts your media files, which becomes available for streaming in any machine Plex app is install on.

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Get a Seedbox with our pre-installed Plex Media Server and stream all of your favorite videos right away!

Install your favorite Apps In One-Click


You wish to install your favorite apps on your Seedbox and you don't know how, or simply don't have the time.


Every Seedbox comes with a convenient dashboard where you can easily install over 50 of your favorite apps.

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Order a Seedbox, open your one-click installers dashboard, and enjoy your favorite apps in a matter of minutes.


All of our apps

Resilio Sync
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rTorrent logo
LXDE Desktop
headphones logo
Tor Browser logo
x2go server logo
Firefox logo
FileZilla logo
Yandex Browser logo
VLC logo
Pydio logo
Sickbeard logo
7-Zip logo
Chrome logo
Couch Potato logo
Emby logo
FlexGet logo
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Thunderbird logo
XRDP logo
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World Class 24/7 Customer Support


You have technical questions or using the service is a bit too challenging. An answer your support tickets takes many hours to arrive and sometimes it's not even helping.


Our customer support is here for you, 24/7. You can talk to a real person any time and receive quick responses in a timely manner over our optimized live chat experience.

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Look for the chat widget on the bottom right corner of our website and open a new conversation with one of our team members.

Massive bandwidth capacity


Every year, media files grow bigger with the increasing technology and video quality. Your local internet service provider may not provide you sufficient speed and peering to support reliable and fast file transfers.


With our Seedbox, you will tap into one of the largest, state-of-the-art networks in the world. Our network delivers massive bandwidth capacity, blazing speed and unsurpassed connectivity for your workloads.

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Get started today to benefit from 99.999% uptime and a bandwidth capacity that help you transfer files in any size with ease.


100% satisfied with our service or your money back. No questions asked.

It appears you have an ad blocked turned on, or using tracking protection which also blocks our customer support chat platform. Please consider turning it off to get an optimal experience. For any question please contact us here or send us and email on [email protected]