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Is BitTorrent Safe in 2023?

is bittorrent safe?

BitTorrent is one of several highly popular Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing client applications. It’s surprisingly simple to use, lightweight, and free to use. However, like many things in the P2P vector, many ask if BitTorrent is Safe to use. P2P has been a popular source of software and media for many years. It’s a stunningly convenient

MagnetDL: Review and Alternatives

MagnetDL Featured image

If you are familiar with torrenting, you must have heard of or used the website MagnetDL, but if you are new to torrenting, there is a big chance you will find MagnetDL and torrenting—in general—befuddling. However, you need not worry. In this article, we will review MagnetDL, outline alternatives to MagnetDL, and explain some terminologies

The Ultimate Guide to pyLoad. 

pyLoad featured image

pyLoad is a web-based download manager designed for downloading files from popular video-hosting sites, torrents, and file-hosting websites. In this ultimate guide to pyLoad, we’ll explore the power of this download manager, from installation to usage. We will go through the process of installing in Linux, Windows, macOS, and Docker to use it to download

BitBrowser Review [2023].

BitBrowser featured image.

BitBrowser is a Chromium-based anti-detection and anti-association and browser fingerprinting web browser. Within BitBrowser, each browsing window operates as an independent entity, just like if it were distinct computers each with unique IP addresses. BitBrowser is the ultimate tool to ensure browsing privacy and minimize account associations. Join us on this 2023 BitBrowser review as

The Best Unblocked Browsers for 2023

Best Unblocked browsers

An unblocked browser (configured to or built-in) allows you to access websites or web apps that have been blocked by your ISP or local network admin (office or school). These unblocked browsers either come with built-in features like the TOR network or can be configured with other alternatives like proxies or VPNs.  There are many

dupeGuru: Manage Duplicate Files Like a Master [2023 Guide]

dupeguru image

Welcome to our guide on managing duplicate files like a master. This guide will show you how to reclaim valuable storage space and declutter your computer. We’ll dive deep into the world of duplicate files and its challenges. We’ll introduce you to dupeGuru— an exceptional free cross-platform app that empowers you to find, scan, and

FlareSolverr: A Step-by-Step Guide [2023]

FlareSolverr guide 2023

In essence, FlareSolverr is a proxy server to bypass Cloudflare protection. It serves as a bridge between Cloudflare’s anti-bot measures and the need for efficient data retrieval. By leveraging the power of Python, Selenium, and ChromeDriver, FlareSolverr enables you to overcome Cloudflare challenges and access protected web content seamlessly. This guide offers a comprehensive overview

The Definitive User’s Guide to NzbPlanet.


NzbPlanet is one of today’s most popular NZB indexers. It is your gateway to the world of Usenet content, as it provides access to nearly three million NZBs at an outstanding retention rate of 3000 days.  In this definitive guide to NzbPlanet, we will provide you with a detailed walkthrough of NzbPlanet’s features, benefits, and

FileBot: Rename Your Media Files Like a Pro.

Filebot guide

Tired of sifting through a chaotic mess of media files?  Introducing Filebot, the most efficient tool to put some organization into your digital world FileBot is your ultimate tool for renaming, sorting, and managing your movies, TV shows, music, anime, and virtually any media file. It works wonders by effortlessly matching your media files with

CGNAT: A Complete Guide to Carrier-Grade NAT [2023]

Guide to CGNAT

Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) allows ISPs to provide internet access to a large number of their customers using a limited number of public IP addresses. It is a “temporary” solution to the IPv4 address exhaustion problem, and it is expected to be fully phased out once IPv6 is widely adopted. CGNAT has amazing benefits for ISPs.

The 20 Alternatives to BookFi

BookFI Alternatives

BookFi, a non-profit online library, gained popularity for its vast collection of over 2,230,000 free books. Founded in 2008 with a mission to provide free access to knowledge, the popularity of BookFi quickly skyrocketed. It became one of the most valuable resources in the open-access movement. But unfortunately, almost 10 years later (in 2017) the

How to set up Plexdrive [2023 Update]

Plexdrive guide

Plexdrive is a FUSE-based filesystem that enables efficient media streaming from Google Drive directly to your Plex media server. Integrating your Google Drive cloud storage with your Plex will unlock a world of possibilities.  In this guide, we will explore Plexdrive in detail. You will learn everything, from installing FUSE and preparing Plexdrive to creating

The Facebook and Twitter Scraper Guide [2023]

Welcome to “The Facebook and Twitter Scraper Guide”! In this ultimate guide, we will delve deep into the world of social media scraping. We will focus specifically on two of the most popular platforms: Twitter and Facebook.  We will explore the legal aspects of social media scraping, how to safely access and retrieve data via

Easynews Review [2023]

Featured image

Easynews Review in a nutshell: Easynews is a significant and long-standing player (since 1996) in the Usenet industry. It stands out as an all-in-one Usenet service provider, offering both traditional Usenet access (NNTP Server) and a web-based search interface. Additionally, Easynews offers various subscription options, including a free trial, and dedicated customer support. Easynews also

qBittorrent vs uTorrent: A Side-by-Side Comparison

qbittorrent vs utorrent

qBittorrent vs uTorrent? Which one is the best?  In a nutshell, no download client is better than the other. While uTorrent has the largest user base among all torrent clients and is the most popular, it doesn’t mean it is the best. Also, while qBittorrent is open-source and slowly gaining popularity, it doesn’t mean it

What is a Proxy Server on PS4?

Configuring a proxy server on PS4 shouldn’t be mandatory (unless your network requires it). But the option is there, on PS4 internet connection settings, and for many good reasons. A proxy server provides you with full anonymity while gaming, allows you to bypass geo-restrictions, optimizes gaming performance, and also enhances your console’s security.  In this

What is HTTP Proxy

Are you curious about learning what is HTTP proxy and its inner workings? About its significance in today’s online communications? Do you want to know how an HTTP proxy can help with your privacy, security, and performance while visiting certain websites?  Look no further!  In this article, we will unravel the concept of HTTP proxies,

The Ultimate Guide to NZBGet [2023 Update!]

NZBGet is a powerful and efficient Usenet client capable of streamlining your NZB downloads. Whether you’re new to NZBGet or looking to enhance your knowledge and skills, this ultimate guide will take you through every step of the setup and usage process. From downloading and installing NZBGet to configuring servers, managing NZB files, and exploring

ParseHub Review [2023]: Is it Worth it? 

Welcome to our comprehensive ParseHub Review for 2023. In this review, we will delve into ParseHub’s remarkable capabilities for web scraping. We will explore the pricing, compatibility, key features, and benefits of ParseHub, and provide you with an in-depth analysis of its user experience and performance.  If you’re interested in harnessing the power of web

Web Scraping With R

Web Scraping with R

In this article, we will guide you through the process of web scraping with R. We’ll cover key relevant topics such as setting up the environment, an R-based web scraper workflow, a real scraping example, tips and tricks, and more. Disclaimer: This material has been developed strictly for informational purposes. It does not constitute endorsement of

The Step-by-Step Emby Guide [2023]

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional media platforms? Do you want a more personalized entertainment experience that puts you in control? Well, look no further than Emby, the ultimate media server solution that brings your media library to life.  In this step-by-step Emby guide, you will turn into an Emby pro in no

Seven [Real] Ways to Fix the “Your IP has been Banned” Error (2023)

IP Banned

Have you been unfairly barred from accessing your favorite websites or found yourself on the wrong side of an online blockade? Are you seeing the infamous “Your IP has been Banned” error, and are dying to get your web service, app, site, game, or streaming platform unblocked?  In this guide, we’ll unveil an arsenal of

Mastering 7-Zip: Compress and archive files like a pro!

Mastering 7-Zip

7-Zip is considered the file archiver with the highest compression ratio. It is also open-source, supports various compression formats, and comes packed with features to improve your file management.  So, get ready to unleash the power of compression. In this guide to mastering 7-Zip, we will introduce you to the world of file compression and

The Complete Guide to SABnzbd [2023]

Simple And Beautiful! (SAB) meets NZB downloads! This is what SABnzbd stands for! This user-friendly (simple and beautiful) solution is designed for Usenet users using NZB files. SABnzbd provides the ultimate experience for Usenet! In this 2023 guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of SABnzbd. We’ll discover what SABnzbd is all about

The Ultimate Guide to Ombi

In this ultimate guide to Ombi, we will walk you through everything you need to know about this fantastic software (in 2023). Ombi is a powerful media request and management tool for popular media servers like Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin. It simplifies and streamlines the process of requesting and accessing your favorite media content. This

The Complete Guide on How to Run Plex on Docker.

Plex on Docker

In this post, we’ll explore how to run Plex in Docker containers. We will review two popular Plex Docker container images and what you need to know before creating a Docker container for Plex. But most importantly, we’ll walk together through the whole installation of Plex on Docker for Linux and Windows servers. Whether you’re

Pale Moon Browser: A Full Review (2023)

Welcome to our comprehensive Pale Moon browser review (2023 update)! If you’re seeking a web browser that offers a distinctive blend of customization and privacy, you’re in for a treat. In this Pale Moon browser review, we’ll uncover the fascinating origins and unique qualities of Pale Moon. We’ll also go through the process of downloading,

Kodi on Firestick: A Detailed Installation Guide.

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick!  If you’re new to Kodi and eager to unlock a world of entertainment possibilities, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through installing Kodi on your Firestick, enhancing it with add-ons, and optimizing your Kodi experience for seamless

The Top 7 Plex Alternatives (2023 Update).

Plex alternatives

When it comes to media centers, Plex will likely be the spotlight. With its stellar performance in organizing and streaming your media files— Plex is indeed one of the most popular out there. It currently (at the publishing date of this article) has about 305K reviews and 10M+ Downloads on Google Play. But hey, if

Is Tor Browser Safe? A Guide to Online Privacy with Tor Browser. 

Is Tor Browser safe?

Want a quick answer? — Is Tor Safe? Yes. But still, we believe you shouldn’t fall for a quick “yes/no answer” to “Is Tor Browser safe?”. After all, there are many different use cases, requirements, resources, etc. So, whether Tor Browser is safe or not is all about you, what you are doing with it,

The Ultimate Guide to Jackett.

Looking to supercharge your torrenting experience with Jackett? Well, look no further. In this ultimate guide to Jackett, we will take you on a step-by-step journey into this amazing indexer and tracker service. You will learn everything, from downloading and installing Jackett to integrating it with your favorite torrenting tools, Learn how to run Jackett

Mastering JDownloader: Tips for Faster Downloads!

JDownloader is the ultimate free and open-source download manager. It helps you easily download and manage virtually any file from the internet.  With JDownloader, you can download from multiple sources, queue files in a multi-part archive at once, extract the file when complete, and even handle download obstacles, like simple captchas and the “wait time.”

Emby vs. Plex: Which One is the Best Media Server for You?

Emby vs. Plex? If we are talking about media servers, two names will come into the discussion: Emby and Plex. Both services are quite similar, but which is your best choice? Emby vs. Plex: In a nutshell! Both Emby and Plex are closed-source, free, and cross-platform media solutions. Pricing is quite similar; however, the only

Bazarr: Automating Subtitle Downloads.

Having to manually search and download the subtitles for every movie and TV show isn’t as easy as Sunday morning. It can be rather challenging to find the correct subtitle online (that matches your media and language). Well, we have just the solution for you… Bazarr! With Bazarr, you can automate the entire process without

VLC Hacks: 10 Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know!

In this post, we’ll explore ten VLC hacks you probably didn’t know. These tips and tricks will help you make the most out of VLC, including how to rotate and trim videos, play videos frame-by-frame, cast videos to Chromecast, watch and download online videos, convert videos to any format, rip DVDs, use VLC as a

A Step-By-Step Guide to xTeVe.

xTeVe guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of xTeVe! — an open-source and free M3U proxy server designed for Plex DVR and Emby Live TV services.  In this tutorial, we’ll be diving into the nitty-gritty details of what xTeVe is, what you need to get started, and how to download and install it on various operating systems.

The Unofficial Guide to Overseerr.

If you provide access to your vast Plex media collection and get requests for new movies, TV shows, or any other media type every day, then you definitely need to look at Overseerr. Overseerr can help you streamline all those media requests for Plex Media Server. It provides a centralized platform to manage requests (as

Prowlarr: The Complete Installation and Usage Guide

Prowlarr Featured image

Get the most out of Prowlarr with our detailed guide. From setup to customization, we’ll show you how to optimize your experience with tips and tricks along the way.

YT-DLP: The Complete Guide (2023)

The complete guide to yt-dlp

YT-DLP is a free and open-source software project created (as a fork) from the now-discontinued project, youtube-dlc. yt-dlp is based on the popular YouTube downloader, youtube-dlc, but now comes with additional features and improvements. This software is basically used to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other similar websites.

Plex Meta Manager: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Library.

Plex Meta Manager

Managing a large Plex library can be overwhelming, but with Plex Meta Manager, you can automate the process and focus on enjoying your content. In this guide, we’ll walk you through using Plex Meta Manager to streamline your library and boost efficiency.

10 Top Alternatives to

alternatives to seedr

Seedr offers a convenient way to download files from torrent and magnet links, but are there better alternatives to

Jellyfin Vs Plex – Battle of the Media Managers

We’ve come a long way from hoarding all of our media files in physical disks that took up the entire living room space. Using today’s technology, managing, maintaining, and accessing multimedia has become effortless. With the gradual enhancement in media technology, storage can be stored virtually and easily maintained without issues. Media management programs made

Radarr: The Complete Handbook!


Lights, camera, Radarr!  If you’re tired of manually searching for and downloading movies, this guide is for you.  In this 2023 complete step-by-step handbook to Radarr, we will go through everything you need to start with Radarr. You’ll learn the basics of what Radarr is, how it works, and how to set it up and

Guide to Starting with Usenet in 2023

Get ready to unlock the power of Usenet — a network connecting users since the internet’s earliest days! This comprehensive guide will take you on a journey of discovery as we explore what Usenet is, how it works, and how to harness its full potential in 2023. With step-by-step instructions and expert tips, you’ll be

Using NordVPN qBittorrent in 2023

NordVPN to qBittorrent

Although P2P file transfer, or torrenting as we know it, has been popular since the early 2000s, the media streaming revolution of the past decade has renewed its popularity. According to Ipoque’s study in 2009, it was found that 40 to 70% of internet traffic is because of P2P file transfers, and these numbers have

The Ultimate Guide to Readarr (2023 Update!)

guide to readarr

Readarr— another member of the “arr” download automation software family, is slowly gaining popularity. Although by 2023, Readarr is still in its beta release, it has a lot to offer, especially for book enthusiasts. This software allows you to build an entire personalized book collection automatically. In this ultimate guide to Readarr, we will go

10 Best Alternatives to BitComet

In this article, we’ll discuss our favorite alternatives to the BitTorrent client BitComet. Disclaimer: This material has been developed strictly for informational purposes. It does not constitute endorsement of any activities (including illegal activities), products or services. You are solely responsible for complying with the applicable laws, including intellectual property laws, when using our services

10 Best Alternatives to BitLord

In this guide, we’ll look at the best BitTorrent clients with feature sets on par with the popular BitLord client. Disclaimer: This material has been developed strictly for informational purposes. It does not constitute endorsement of any activities (including illegal activities), products or services. You are solely responsible for complying with the applicable laws, including

Nothing in Life is Free. Understanding the Risks of Torrenting

risks of torrenting

Introduction In a world of online streaming media, BitTorrent remains the most popular peer-to-peer distribution by far. BitTorrent is the No. 1 cause of upload traffic—9.7% of the data we upload comes from BitTorrent. Though it can be used to share copyright-free content with thousands of people quickly, we can’t overlook that many people use

Why Should I Use an IPv6 Proxy?

IPv6 Proxy

Proxy servers are hugely useful for business and personal use. In this guide, we’ll look at the key differences between IPv4 and IPv6 proxies and why using an IPv6 proxy over an IPv4 proxy could save you a fortune. Table of Contents What is a Proxy? A proxy server is a server application that acts

What Does Seeding Mean in uTorrent?

seeding in utorrent

To get the best out of torrenting programs like uTorrent, it’s important to understand what seeding is. Read on to learn everything you need to know about seeding in uTorrent. Disclaimer: This material has been developed strictly for informational purposes. It does not constitute endorsement of any activities (including illegal activities), products or services. You

The Ultimate Guide to Sonarr.

In this 2023 step-by-step guide to Sonarr, we will go through everything you need to know about how to start with Sonarr.

What is Seeding?

what is seeding?

Peers, seeders, and leechers are terms you might have encountered while torrenting. Do you need to be seeding? Or leeching? And what does it all mean?  In this “What is seeding?” post, we’ll discuss this concept and the relationship with others. Why are seeders important for leechers? And primarily, how to seed a torrent?  So

Leechers Meaning: What is a leecher?

Leechers meaning

Leechers meaning: A leecher in a P2P network is a user who disconnects the torrent as soon as he/she has the full copy of the desired file. When disconnecting the torrent, leechers minimize availability or ultimately put down the data upload. Leeching is the behavior of downloading more data than uploading (taking without sharing.) Leeching eventually

Is qBittorrent Safe and Reliable? [2022 Update]

is qBittorrent Safe?

Yes, qBittorrent is safe and reliable. First, it is open-source, so its code is transparent (anyone can see inside the code). Second, it is also free and supported by donations, so they are not interested in adding bloatware or showing you ads. And third, qBittorrent also has a positive and strong reputation. It is widespread

The Safe Torrent Scanner: A 2022 Review.

Safe Torrent Scanner

Although the Safe Torrent Scanner has much potential, the torrenting community hasn’t widely accepted it (and for good reasons). In fact, for many, it brings trouble; first, it is adware, so it shows annoying ads, and second, it interferes with your web apps, services, and sites. Plus, it also has access to your web data.

The Five uTorrent Replacements for Mac (2022 Update!)

Probably you are now looking for a uTorrent replacement for Mac. A torrent client that does not install crapware or bloatware on your Mac without your consent? A lightweight, fast, and reliable torrent client, as the older uTorrent 2.2.1 was?  uTorrent has been the preferred BitTorrent client for many years. However, more and more people

What is torrenting? Everything you need to know about torrents. [2023].


In a nutshell: A torrent file is a type of small computer file with the extension .torrent. It is used by the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol to share, transfer, or download files (usually large data within a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. Torrenting is thus, the act of participating in the sharing (downloading and uploading) of data using

Torrent Downloaders for iPhone (in 2023)

Although native torrent downloaders for iPhone are still around (such as iTransmission and iTorrent), they can’t be installed on your iPhone as you would install Transmission on macOS or uTorrent on Windows.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

In a nutshell? Torrenting is not illegal.  Do you want to know why torrenting is not illegal? Let’s keep reading. BitTorrent (the protocol itself) is not illegal and so does all its underlying technology (including clients, trackers, indexers, etc). But the action, what you do with the torrenting technology, and what type of material you

BitTorrent vs. uTorrent – Their key differences.

BitTorrent and uTorrent are both proprietary (closed-source software) BitTorrent clients supported by ads (adware). Both belong to the same company, Rainberry, Inc. (former BitTorrent, Inc.), responsible for the continuous development of the one and only BitTorrent P2P protocol and the two torrent clients, uTorrent and BitTorrent, along with many other products.  The difference between BitTorrent

The Best qBittorrent Settings (2022 Update)

qBittorrent is a free and open-source torrent client based on the Qt 5 toolkit and the libtorrent-rasterbar library. qBittorrent is known for being remarkably safe and fast. Plus, it includes feature highlights such as a built-in torrent search engine, a torrent creator, and a fantastic web UI.

Buying vs Leasing an IP address.

Generally, there are two ways to get your hands on your own IP address space: buy or lease it. Each of these two approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on buying vs leasing an IP address can be challenging. The decision depends on your current financial situation and business goals. Both directions will provide

Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP): What is it and why use it?

While cloud providers already offer publicly routable IP address ranges, which is excellent for cloud-native applications or services, some users would instead use their own public IPv4 (or IPv6) address space as they move to the cloud. Bring Your Own IP or BYOIP is a set of policies offered by cloud providers to allow an IP

The Definitive Guide to Brave Browser (2022 Review).

Brave’s company team’s core mission is: “to safeguard your data, not take it—to close data loopholes, not open them.”  With this mission statement in mind, you’ll know what to expect from this web browser.  Brave is an alternative web browser attempting to serve a niche of the new “privacy-aware” users. Everyday Brave looks for and

The Step-by-Step Guide to Plex 4K Streaming (2023).

Streaming a 4K media file requires resources. If you want Plex to direct-play a 4K stream, the server will need the proper resources, including CPU, GPU, disk and lots of network resources. Direct-playing a 4K stream also introduces compatibility challenges. Not every device is compatible with every container format, audio and video codec, subtitle stream,

IPv4 vs. IPv6: Their 11 Key Differences (2023 update).

ipv4 vs ipv6

IPv4 vs. IPv6? What are their differences? What are their advantages and disadvantages? IPv4 is the most common and widely used Internet Protocol version for now. Although it is still what holds the Internet together, IPv6 (its newer version) is slowly gaining interest. In this post, we’ll go through both IP protocols. We will explain

Torrent Proxy: How to set up a proxy for your torrents? (2021 Update)

Torrent Proxy. How to set up a proxy for your torrents?

A torrent proxy allows you to share torrents anonymously. For instance, proxies like the popular SOCKS5 can be more cost-efficient than VPNs and provide a similar security level. In this torrent proxy guide, you’ll learn the advantages, use cases, and configuration of proxies. You’ll also learn the why and when of using a proxy vs.

Guide to SOCKS5 Proxy: What is it and its benefits.

A SOCKS5 proxy works as an intermediary between your device and the internet. It conceals your IP address and safeguards all data in transit. Operating similarly to a VPN (except for the encryption), the SOCKS5 proxy also shields your identity. Plus, when located in an offshore data center, it enables access to geo-blocked content and

Ultimate Guide: 10 Ways to Hide Your IP.

ten ways to hide your IP.

Your IP is the unique address that identifies your router’s interface to the Internet. You need an IP so that websites and web apps have an address to reply to. So, how to still connect to the Internet but avoid people tracking you? The only way to remain truly anonymous online is to mask your

Paid Proxy Servers. The Reasons for Buying a Proxy.

Paid proxy servers. The reasons for buying a proxy

Why use a paid proxy service, when there are tons of free proxies out there? Everybody knows free stuff is awesome! you take what’s out there, without even reaching to your wallet. But the reality is that Proxies require resources to be maintained, monitored, and scaled,— so how are free proxies making a sustainable business?

The Truth About Proxy Lists.

The truth about proxy lists

Proxies are servers used for anonymous web browsing, data scraping, or bypassing censorships. They provide a gateway to other networks while keeping full anonymity of the original request. Proxies can be private or open/public.  Proxy lists are simply an updated collection of open proxies showing IP, country, port, anonymity, uptime, and availability. Lists can be

Types of Proxy: Everything you Need To Know About.

Types of Proxy: Everything you need to know

When it comes to types of proxies, there is no one-size-fits-all. The types of proxy servers can be classified based on location, traffic flow, anonymity level, application, service, and type of IP. It all depends on your custom and dedicated demands. A proxy server is simply, the middle man— the intermediary that integrates and adapts

The SEO Proxy: What is it and Why Do You Need it?

SEO Proxy: What is it and why do you need one?

An SEO proxy provides anonymity, speed, and reliability when doing large-scale SEO campaigns. Also known as search engine proxies, SEO proxies are those intermediary servers that help you put on a mask when doing keyword research, competition research, web scraping, rank tracking, etc.  In this post, we’ll go tell you everything you need to know

The Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping [2023 Update]

web scraping

In this ultimate guide, we will explore the world of web scraping, a powerful technique to extract data from websites. Whether you’re a beginner curious about the concept or an experienced programmer looking to enhance your skills, this guide has something valuable for everyone. From understanding the basics of HTML data extraction using CSS and

VPN vs Proxy: 6 Differences you Should Know.

VPNs vs Proxy: Top 6 differences

VPN vs. Proxy. Which one is better? It depends on you. Although VPNs and proxies may seem similar on the surface, as they both provide Internet security and privacy, underneath, they are two completely different creatures— born and raised to provide different solutions. VPNs were designed to “virtually” link two geographically distant computers or networks

Everything you Need to Know About Renting an IP.

Everything you need to know about Renting an IP

We are running out of IPV4 addresses— it’s official! The European and North American Internet registries are officially out of free available IP version 4 (IPv4s). Other regions, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America, are also behind. It will take a few years, but the day will come when regional authorities are out of IPv4

Migration to IPv6: Benefits and Techniques.

The statement “We are running out of IPv4 addresses!” is nothing new… In fact, it is anticipation from scientists in the late 1980s to the early 90s, when the Internet started growing unexpectedly.  But if there are 4 billion IPv4 addresses in the pool, why are we running out of IPv4s?  There are many factors

Kodi — The Definitive Guide (2021 Update)

Guide to Kodi

The following is a full step-by-step guide that will introduce you to Kodi. You’ll learn everything about Kodi, from its legal concerns, installing, streaming, to troubleshooting it.

Plex Plugins for Your Seedbox (That Still Actually Work in 2020)

PLex Plugin that actually work

A seedbox lets you keep your whole media gallery on a high-speed server, download new releases as soon as a torrent is released, and share everything safely with others. Still, if you want to watch them, you have to download the files from a seedbox and have a media player on your computer. That is,

Guide to Setting Up Plex Media Server (2023 Update)

A media player system such as Plex, allows you to build your own Netflix with your own media collection. It can even let you or your friends access your home media collection remotely.

Downloading your First Torrent The Definitive Guide (2020 Update)

10 things you must know before downloading your new torrent

Everything about a torrent download, from what’s behind the technology, how to download a torrent with a free client, and even how to remain anonymous.

Optimize Your uTorrent Experience: 16 Easy uTorrent settings (2022 Update)

Optimize you uTorrent experience

These 16 easy uTorrent settings will help you optimize your torrenting experience, maximize your speeds and improve your anonymity.

Handbrake: Complete Step-by-step Guide (2021 Update)

Handbrake: step by step guide.

Handbrake, the professional video encoder, lets you optimize those 4K media files for the web, or turn your DVDs and Blu-rays into digital files.

How to become a Pushbullet expert in 3 minutes (useful guide)

Become a PushBullet expert

Pushbullet helps you connect your devices as one and send clever notifications to each. In this guide, we’ll help you master Pushbullet feature.

The Ultimate Crib Sheet for Staying Anonymous Online

The Ultimate crib sheet for staying anonymous

Browsing the Web is essential for everyone. How would we know how to cook the greatest pancake ever? A safe web browser is key to staying anonymous online.

Seedbox 16.04-30 announced (probably our best seedbox ever)

We are excited to share our biggest Seedbox update to date with better stability, efficiency, and security which makes it probably our best Seedbox ever.

Secure your server with Fail2ban (simple and effective)

Rsb key

Gettings started with Fail2ban and protect your server from malicious attacks.

How to pay for your Seedbox with Bitcoin (Easy & Secure)

bitcoin logo

Learn how to easily get a Bitcoin wallet, load it with coins and pay for your Seedbox with them privately and securely.

7 Reasons to Own a Seedbox

Rapidseedbox logo

In this article, we’ll share 7 reasons to own a seedbox and why it is a very valuable service.

Safer Downloading

With BitTorrent downloading, you’re at risk to losing your anonymity. Safe, anonymous downloads are possible if you follow the following steps.

How to Tell Whether You Are Downloading Illegally

Anonymous downloading sounds illegal, but it’s not. Even if you’re downloading files and staying within the law, here’s how you can tell if you’re downloading illegal files on a torrent network.

How to Live Off-the-Grid (While Staying On-the-Grid)

Live of-the-grid

Live off-the-grid without letting others know you’re still on-the-grid using the Internet and downloading anonymously.

Who’s Watching You Download?

To download anonymously, you have to know who is watching you so you can protect your identity.

Step-by-Step Guide to Eliminating Slow FTP Speeds (2022 Update)

In this 5-min guide we share simple tips that you can use in order to troubleshoot slow FTP speeds and eliminate them.

How to Change your uTorrent Seedbox Password

How to change your uTorrent password

If you want to change your uTorrent Seedbox password for a WebUI, follow this tutorial to accomplish it. You can find your uTorrent Seedbox password in Welcome email that you’ve received after the order is complete. Step 1 Open your favorite web browser. Step 2 Login to your uTorrent Seedbox web user interface. Step 3

How to use uTorrent on your Seedbox

How to change your uTorrent password

uTorrent is one of most famous bittorrent clients out there. In this tutorial you will learn how to use uTorrent efficiently.

New Seedbox Announced!

Our new Seedbox features important updates including OpenVPN, a secure SSH based Remote Desktop and the latest versions of the most popular torrent clients.

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