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IPv6 vs IPv4: Their 10 Key Differences.

IPv4 vs IPv6: The 10 differences

IPv4 vs. IPv6? What are their differences, their pros, and their cons? IPv4 is the most common and widely used Internet Protocol version for now. Although IPv4 is still what holds the Internet together, IPv6 is slowly gaining interest. IPv6 is newer, more daunting, and sophisticated. IPv6 was designed with one purpose in mind— to

Torrent Proxy: How to set up a proxy for your torrents? (2021 Update)

Torrent Proxy. How to set up a proxy for your torrents?

A torrent proxy allows you to share torrents anonymously. For instance, proxies like the popular SOCKS5 can be more cost-efficient than VPNs and yet provide a similar security level. In this torrent proxy guide, you’ll learn the advantages, use cases, and configuration of proxies. You’ll also learn the why and when of using a proxy

The Absolute Guide to SOCKS5 Proxy.

Absolute Guide to SOCKS5 Proxy

A SOCKS5 (SOCKet Secure version 5) proxy is a type of proxy server that sits between you (source) and destination (web app or site). The proxy acts as an intermediary— intercepting all traffic between source and destination. A SOCKS5 proxy server is a great alternative to a VPN, as it also “intercepts” and protects the

Ultimate Guide: 10 Ways to Hide Your IP.

ten ways to hide your IP.

Your IP is like your home address. Your home address gives the post office a way to find you. Without a home address, you wouldn’t be able to receive any mail. But also without a home address, people wouldn’t be able to find you.  An IP can be treated similarly. Your IP is the unique

Paid Proxy Servers. The Reasons for Buying a Proxy.

Paid proxy servers. The reasons for buying a proxy

Why use a paid proxy service, when there are tons of free proxies out there? Everybody knows free stuff is awesome! you take what’s out there, without even reaching to your wallet. But the reality is that Proxies require resources to be maintained, monitored, and scaled,— so how are free proxies making a sustainable business?

The Truth About Proxy Lists.

The truth about proxy lists

Proxies are servers used for anonymous web browsing, data scraping, or bypassing censorships. They provide a gateway to other networks while keeping full anonymity of the original request. Proxies can be private or open/public.  Proxy lists are simply an updated collection of open proxies, showing IP, country, port, anonymity, uptime, and availability. Lists can be

Types of Proxy: Everything you Need To Know About.

Types of Proxy: Everything you need to know

When it comes to types of proxies, there is no one-size-fits-all. The types of proxy servers can be classified based on location, traffic flow, anonymity level, application, service, and type of IP. It all depends on your custom and dedicated demands. A proxy server is simply, the middle man— the intermediary that integrates and adapts

The SEO Proxy: What is it and Why Do You Need it?

SEO Proxy: What is it and why do you need one?

An SEO proxy provides anonymity, speed, and reliability when doing large-scale SEO campaigns. Also known as search engine proxies, SEO proxies are those intermediary servers that help you put on a mask when doing keyword research, competition research, web scraping, rank tracking, etc.  In this post, we’ll go tell you everything you need to know

Web Scraping: Everything You Need to Know About.

Everything you need to know about Web Scraping

Web scraping is the automated process of extracting information from websites. It can help you collect data from real estate listings, flights, weather, product reviews, or anything publicly available— fast and easy.  Although web scraping has had a bad reputation, it is not illegal. Still, most websites will attempt to stop it with a combination

VPN vs Proxy: 6 Differences you Should Know.

VPNs vs Proxy: Top 6 differences

VPN vs Proxy. Which one is better? It depends on you. Although VPNs and proxies may seem similar on the surface, as they both provide Internet security and privacy, underneath they are two completely different types of creatures— born and raised to provide different levels and types of solutions. VPNs were designed to “virtually” link

Everything you Need to Know About Renting an IP.

Everything you need to know about Renting an IP

We are running out of IPV4 addresses— it’s official! The European and North American Internet registries are officially out of free available IP version 4 (IPv4s). Other regions, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America, are also behind. It will take a few years, but the day will come when regional authorities are out of IPv4

Migration to IPv6: Benefits and Techniques.

The statement “We are running out of IPv4 addresses!” is nothing new… In fact, it is anticipation from scientists in the late 1980s to the early 90s, when the Internet started growing unexpectedly.  But if there are 4 billion IPv4 addresses in the pool, why are we running out of IPv4s?  There are many factors

Kodi — The Definitive Guide (2021 Update)

Guide to Kodi

The following is a full step-by-step guide that will introduce you to Kodi. You’ll learn everything about Kodi, from its legal concerns, installing, streaming, to troubleshooting it.

Plex Plugins for Your Seedbox (That Still Actually Work in 2020)

PLex Plugin that actually work

A seedbox lets you keep your whole media gallery on a high-speed server, download new releases as soon as a torrent is released, and share everything safely with others. Still, if you want to watch them, you have to download the files from a seedbox and have a media player on your computer. That is,

The Ultimate Guide to Plex Media Server (2021 Update)!

The ultimate guide to Plex Media Server. 2021 Update.

A media player system such as Plex, allows you to build your own Netflix with your own media collection. It can even let you or your friends access your home media collection remotely.

Downloading your First Torrent: The Definitive Guide (2020 Update)

10 things you must know before downloading your new torrent

Everything about a torrent download, from what’s behind the technology, how to download a torrent with a free client, and even how to remain anonymous.

Optimize Your uTorrent Experience: 16 Easy uTorrent settings (2022 Update)

Optimize you uTorrent experience

These 14 easy uTorrent hacks will help you optimize your torrenting experience, maximize your speeds and improve your anonymity.

Handbrake: Complete Step-by-step Guide (2021 Update)

Handbrake: step by step guide.

Handbrake, the professional video encoder, lets you optimize those 4K media files for the web, or turn your DVDs and Blu-rays into digital files.

How to become a Pushbullet expert in 3 minutes (useful guide)

Become a PushBullet expert

Pushbullet helps you connect your devices as one and send clever notifications to each. In this guide, we’ll help you master Pushbullet feature.

The Ultimate Crib Sheet for Staying Anonymous Online

The Ultimate crib sheet for staying anonymous

Browsing the Web is essential for everyone. How would we know how to cook the greatest pancake ever? A safe web browser is key to staying anonymous online.

Seedbox 16.04-30 announced (probably our best seedbox ever)

We are excited to share our biggest Seedbox update to date with better stability, efficiency, and security which makes it probably our best Seedbox ever.

Secure your server with Fail2ban (simple and effective)

Rsb key

Gettings started with Fail2ban and protect your server from malicious attacks.

How to pay for your Seedbox with Bitcoin (Easy & Secure)

bitcoin logo

Learn how to easily get a Bitcoin wallet, load it with coins and pay for your Seedbox with them privately and securely.

7 Reasons to Own a Seedbox

Rapidseedbox logo

In this article, we’ll share 7 reasons to own a seedbox and why it is a very valuable service.

Safer Downloading

With BitTorrent downloading, you’re at risk to losing your anonymity. Safe, anonymous downloads are possible if you follow the following steps.

How to Tell Whether You Are Downloading Illegally

Anonymous downloading sounds illegal, but it’s not. Even if you’re downloading files and staying within the law, here’s how you can tell if you’re downloading illegal files on a torrent network.

How to Live Off-the-Grid (While Staying On-the-Grid)

Live of-the-grid

Live off-the-grid without letting others know you’re still on-the-grid using the Internet and downloading anonymously.

Who’s Watching You Download?

To download anonymously, you have to know who is watching you so you can protect your identity.

Step-by-Step Guide to Eliminating Slow FTP Speeds (2020 Update)

Step by step guide on how to eliminate ftp slow speeds

In this 5-min guide we share simple tips that you can use in order to troubleshoot slow FTP speeds and eliminate them.

How to Change your uTorrent Seedbox Password

How to change your uTorrent password

If you want to change your uTorrent Seedbox password for a WebUI, follow this tutorial to accomplish it. You can find your uTorrent Seedbox password in Welcome email that you’ve received after the order is complete. Step 1 Open your favorite web browser. Step 2 Login to your uTorrent Seedbox web user interface. Step 3

How to use uTorrent on your Seedbox

How to change your uTorrent password

uTorrent is one of most famous bittorrent clients out there. In this tutorial you will learn how to use uTorrent efficiently.

New Seedbox Announced!

Our new Seedbox features important updates including OpenVPN, a secure SSH based Remote Desktop and the latest versions of the most popular torrent clients.

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