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What makes us a better proxy service?

We put the customer at the center of everything we do.

IPv4 and IPv6 Proxies – RapidSeedbox

Customer driven

We ensure every new solution, product, or plan is in service to our customer. We are available for you 24/7.

IPv4 and IPv6 Proxies – RapidSeedbox

Fast. Stable. Anonymous.

Not all proxies are created equally. We use the high-end servers with dedicated network bandwidth for low latecy.

IPv4 and IPv6 Proxies – RapidSeedbox


Take advantage of two proxy types for software and API integration. Ready to use right right after purchase.

Proxy Pricing

Affordable, secure and fast.

€13 /mo €10 /mo $15 /mo $12 /mo €30 /mo €24 /mo $35 /mo $28 /mo €50 /mo €40 /mo $60 /mo $48 /mo €253 /mo €202 /mo $300 /mo $240 /mo
IPs 100 (€0.13/IP) 100 (€0.10/IP) 100 ($0.15/IP) 100 ($0.12/IP) 400 (€0.08/IP) 400 (€0.06/IP) 400 ($0.09/IP) 400 ($0.07/IP) 1000 (€0.05/IP) 1000 (€0.04/IP) 1000 ($0.06/IP) 1000 ($0.05/IP) 10000 (€0.03/IP) 10000 (€0.02/IP) 10000 ($0.03/IP) 10000 ($0.02/IP)
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
IP Rotation
IP Rotation
Dedicated IPv4
Dedicated IPv4
Privately owned IPs
Privately owned IPs All our IPs are owned by RapidSeedbox. You get clean and good IPs which are completely private for your use.
Slots available
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Plan Price Country IPs Bandwidth IP Rotation Dedicated IPv4 Privately owned IPs
€13 /mo €10 /mo $15 /mo $12 /mo
100 (€0.13/IP) 100 (€0.10/IP) 100 ($0.15/IP) 100($0.12/IP) Unlimited
€30 /mo €24 /mo $35 /mo $28 /mo
400 (€0.08/IP) 400 (€0.06/IP) 400 ($0.09/IP) 400($0.07/IP) Unlimited
€50 /mo €40 /mo $60 /mo $48 /mo
1000 (€0.05/IP) 1000 (€0.04/IP) 1000 ($0.06/IP) 1000($0.05/IP) Unlimited
€253 /mo €202 /mo $300 /mo $240 /mo
10000 (€0.03/IP) 10000 (€0.02/IP) 10000 ($0.03/IP) 10000($0.02/IP) Unlimited

In need of more IPs for your proxy needs?

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Excellent—Rated 4.8 out of 5
I wanted to touch base in regards to support i have been receiving from your team. I am very pleased with the overall speed of response and efficiency of your whole team. Especially, Boban recently stepped up and helped us resolve some very critical issues.

Thank you very much for your support and service. We are happy to be working with you all.
Always quick and clear answers, Great team!

How can you use our proxy service?

Data gathering is a difficult task. Especially if you want to scrape data on a large scale without IP bans and limitations, this is why you need to choose a reliable proxy provider to achieve success in your scraping jobs.


Why IPv6 proxies?

By choosing IPv6 over IPv4 you will get far more proxies for cheaper price and as addition you will be using proxies without “neighbours”. Using proxies without “neighbours” will effect in doing a far more effective work done.


IPv4 to IPv6 Proxy With Rotating IPs

Each of our plans comes with a dedicated IPv4, and all of the IPv6 on each plan are rotating IPs.

24hours live support

24-hour live support

Our team is here to help with any question you have, or help you with setup and troubleshooting.

14 days money back

14-day money back guarantee

100% satisfied with our service or your money back.

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