How to log into your Seedbox with FTPs (explicit FTP over TLS)

FTPs stands for FTP protocol which utilizes TLS encryption in order to protect communication between you and server.

There are multiple reasons for using FTPs over FTP.

  1. Your ISP or anyone else can not see which files are transferring currently
  2. Your credentials can not be leaked
  3. All traffic is encrypted

In this guide, you will find out how to securely connect to your Seedbox, and transfer your files.

1. Download FTP client

Filezilla is most popular FTP protocol software suite. Full documentation can be obtained at FileZilla’s official web page.

Download it from following links:

Windows x64

Mac OSx


2. Find your credentials in your Client Area

– Browse to your Credentials page (in the client area).

– Find your FTP credentials.

3. Open a Filezilla

After the Filezilla is installed it is a time to configure it. The main interface will look like on the picture bellow.

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4. Saving our Seedbox details

Navigate to File/Site Manager.  Within Site Manager your can manage multiple FTP connections, without having to memorize all credentials.

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Insert credentials as following:

  • Host : In this field, we type our Seedbox IP
  • Port: You can leave it blank, it will use default port 21
  • Protocol: Select FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • Encryption: set to require explicit FTP over SSL. This step is very important!
  • Login type: Normal
  • username: user
  • password: your Seedbox password

Tip: Navigate to Transfer Settings while you are in the same window. Tick on Limit number of simultaneous connection like on the picture.
Set Maximum connection to 10.

max speed ftp
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This will allow Filezilla to download multiple files at the same time.

5. Site Manager

Once you have added and saved your FTP connections, they are available for quick use in the Site Manager.

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Using the same routine, you can add different FTP(s) connections and save them.

Once you’re logged into your Seedbox via FTP(s) you can easily upload and download files from and to your server.

Useful tutorials

If you have further questions, please contact our support department by opening a ticket in your client area.

Not sure how? Please contact us and we will help you.