7 Reasons to Own a Seedbox

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A Seedbox is a private dedicated server used for the uploading and downloading of digital files, fast, very fast!

If you’ve ever downloaded files using torrents and have amazing download speeds, there are great chances you downloaded them from a seedbox that uploaded these files to you.

Imagine what it’s like to own one of these great machines 🙂

7 Reasons to Own a Seedbox

  1. Lack of time online
    Downloading files on mobile is not ideal because of connectivity issues and if frequent travel is part of your routine, not to mention the low traffic limitations. Owning a Seedbox will enable you to download the files you want and leave it running. You can come back later to copy the files without having to be online and wait for your files to complete the download.
  2. Overusing your hardware for heavy downloads
    Even if you are sporting a high-quality computer, it is still not ideal to let it run all day to download files because it might clog your bandwidth, a Seedbox, on the other hand, is built with robust hardware capable of running 24/7 operation without the need to be shut down every other day.
  3. Peer-to-peer traffic is prohibited at work or in school, or even at home
    In many places peer-to-peer downloads using torrents are prohibited, whether it’s your work, school or even at home in cases your ISP blocks or throttles this kind of activity. A Seedbox will help you download your files and use them later once you’re back home. It has convenient web browser-based management that helps you manage and download your files conveniently and remotely and then load them to your computer later on when possible.
  4. Seedbox helps you be a VIP member in a private community
    In private communities, it is imperative that your ratio or standing should meet the standards since this is what’s giving you the privilege to be a member. Losing the ideal ratio or not meeting the prescribed target ratio would get you kicked out.
    The easier way around: Increase and maintain your ratio through seeding torrents without having to be online all the time. This can be done by downloading and seeding torrents in a seedbox.
  5. Privacy and anonymity
    The internet is now considered a public place, but your files or downloads do not need to be visible to others. You will have complete control over your privacy since access to your files is limited only for your use through an account login. In addition, a good Seedbox also comes with OpenVPN for encrypted connectivity while browsing online.
  6. Streaming of Video Files
    A Seedbox can host media files, that is clear. But some Seedboxes also comes with Plex or KODI pre-installed. These two applications literally make your Seedbox a media center which allows you to sort your favorite video content in beautiful libraries and watch them directly from your Seedbox by streaming it from a streamer or your web browser.
  7. Cheap storage
    Due to a big competition in the niche, Seedbox companies keep growing their storage capabilities and provide Seedboxes with more space to store your files. Therefore, a Seedbox can actually save you some storage space on your local machine. You can download the files you wish straight to your Seedbox and keep them there for later use. When you want to download your files A Simple FTP download, later on, will do the trick. At a similar manner, you can also use your Seedbox as secondary backup storage and upload some files you want to backup remotely. (Hint: Do not trust your Seedbox to be 100% reliable for data availability.)

Educational Purpose Disclaimer: This material has been developed strictly for educational purposes. We at RapidSeedbox do not endorse or promote any activity involving copyright infringement or illegal activities related to torrenting. Always abide by the laws and regulations concerning copyrights in your jurisdiction.

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  1. Does a Raspberry Pi running Transmission behind a VPN with 2TB of storage still qualify as a seedbox? At the minimum, a mini seedbox? I just put one up and the best ratio I have to this point is 3.3. Thanks.

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