How to Change your uTorrent Seedbox Password

If you want to change your uTorrent Seedbox password for a WebUI, follow this tutorial to accomplish it. You can find your uTorrent Seedbox password in Welcome email that you’ve received after the order is complete.

Step 1

Open your favorite web browser.

Step 2

Login to your uTorrent Seedbox web user interface.

Step 3

Click the “Settings” button
uTorrent seedbox settings

Step 4

Click “Web UI”.

Step 5

To change the “user” password, type the desired password in the password field. You may also alter the username (“user” by default) as your discretion.
uTorrent seedbox password

Step 6

Click “Save Settings” button at the upper right corner of the settings window to save your password, once done you will be asked to submit the new login details (username & password) that you just configured.
utorrent save settings

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