Plex Plugins for Your Seedbox That Really Work

A seedbox lets you keep your whole media gallery on a high-speed server, download new releases as soon as a torrent is released, and share everything safely with others.

Still, if you want to watch them, you have to download the files from a seedbox and have a media player on your computer. That is, unless you have a Plex setup.

Plex Plugins that actually work

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What is Plex?

Plex is an app that lets you organize and access your media files and turns your seedbox into a personal media server you can use for much more than just torrenting.

Right now, you can even purchase a Seedbox + Plex Server that’s already set up and ready to use, but power users can set up Plex on their own and modify it exactly to their needs by installing different channels and plugins.

The problem is, Plex decided to shut down their directory back in September 2018, explaining it was hard to support them and that only about 2% of users ever used them.

Still, they didn’t shut them down completely – you can still install all of them manually, but the biggest issue currently is finding plugins that still work or aren’t full of bugs now for the newer Plex versions.

While most users recommend to avoid doing it altogether, as it can be a hassle, we have created a list of Plex plugins that you can still use, as well as some new apps that you can set up to work with your Plex server.

Plex Plugins

Webtools and UAS

Webtools is basically a collection of tools that help manage the Plex Media Server and your whole media collection wherever you are, thanks to the built-in web-server that can display a web interface on mobile devices too. One of the best tool modules in the collection is UAS – the Unsupported App Store.

This module helps users find, download, and install the unsupported Plex plugins that Plex doesn’t offer anymore. While it gives you access to a host of new plugins, note that many will be unfinished or unstable, so be careful what you choose to download. 


Since Plex decided to remove their plugin support from media player apps and the frontend of its server, Kitana has become a must-have for Plex seedbox superusers.

Currently, users can ‘sideload’ Plex plugins, but that process is quite a handful and definitely not beginner-friendly.

Kitana solves this through a web-based frontend interface where users can manage, install, and delete Plex plugins. Basically, it automates the sideloading process by authenticating against Plex.TV and connecting to your Plex Media Server.

Note that Kitana will only work as long as sideloading is supported via Plex. Once it’s not supported, you won’t be able to get it to work anymore.


Tautulli is a plugin that helps you monitor the Plex server, with features such as watch history, library breakdown statistics, graphs/charts about streaming trends, as well as a real-time overview of who’s currently watching.

It’s currently one of the best plugins you can use and is updated and maintained regularly!

The plugin can also track when somebody adds new content to the server, so if you’re sharing your seedbox, it’s a must-have. You can even create newsletters about the newest media and have notifications set up. Tautulli works on all systems that support Python but it also has an Android remote that’s currently in beta, so for Android users might not find it works great right now!


If you share your seedbox with other users and need a way to handle download/upload requests, Ombi is a must-have. Ombi is a self-hosted app that sets you up with a web portal where users can send a request about content they wish to access.

This way, they don’t have to contact you directly – you’ll see all requests on the Ombi web portal and handle one by one when you’re free to do so. The users who sent the request will also be notified via email when the content becomes available.

Most users will be familiar with Trakt, a popular plugin that tracks all movies and TV shows you watch so you can continue exactly where you left off. You can still download and install it manually, and it should work just fine.

The only reason why you might want to skip this plugin is having multiple users watching the same content, since there’s no way to keep the progress separated – you can’t make multiple user accounts like on popular streaming providers like Netflix.

There is, however, a workaround for this. There’s a Tautulli2Trakt script that lets users create separate user accounts, so everyone’s progress is saved separately.

Note that you’ll need a paid PlexPass to get it up and running, while some even report you might need a VIP account.


Users will be happy to hear that Sub-Zero is still among the fully-functional Plex plugins. Sub-Zero will automatically download subtitles for TV shows and movies you stream and covers some of the best subtitle sites, such as OpenSubtitles, Addic7ed, SubScene, Podnapisi.NET, and others.

In addition to loading subtitles, it will also let you adjust them with a built-in schedule and its very own interface.


While Plex seems to have pulled the plug on their plugin functionality and plans to phase it out completely, seedbox users looking for a way to modify their Plex experience can still do that right now. It might take a few additional apps to get plugins up and running, but they will enhance your viewing experience immensely and it’s worth testing out some of your favorites.

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