Blockaway Review and Alternatives 

BlockAway is a proxy solution that lets you access restricted websites privately and securely. It breaks network restrictions, is compatible with popular sites, and offers proxy servers in Europe and the USA. Although it is a reliable and cheap alternative to VPNs, it did fail to pass the anonymity test. 

In this BlockAway review, we explore its features, capabilities, security, privacy, and more. We also compare it to other similar sites to BlockAway. In the last section, we provided a curated list of alternative proxy services for those seeking different options.

BlockAway Review and Alternatives

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Table of Contents

  1. What is BlockAway?
    • Key Features of BlockAway
    • How BlockAway Works
    • What BlockAway Is Not
    • BlockAway Free and Premium Options
  2. BlockAway Review
    • Testing BlockAway
    • Safety and Legitimacy of BlockAway
    • Final Verdict
  3. The Top 8 Alternatives to BlockAway
    • CroxyProxy
    • Zalmos
    • KPROXY
    • VPNBook
    • GenMirror
    • 4everproxy
  4. Final Words

What is BlockAway?

BlockAway (operating under CroxyProxy) is an advanced proxy service that allows you to access any website without anyone tracking your activity. Although BlockAway is a 100% free service, it does offer a paid ‘premium’ option, via CroxyProxy. BlockAway is perfect for places like schools, universities, or work, where they might be blocking certain sites. It hides who you are online and also lets you access some geographically restricted sites.

Key features.

Some of BlockAway’s key features include:

  • Compatibility: Ensures seamless access to popular websites such as Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and more.
  • Security: Offers robust protection for user data and privacy.
  • Video Access: Provides unrestricted access to video content on platforms like YouTube.
  • Location Choice: Offers proxy servers in Europe and the USA for location selection.
  • Easy Setup: Requires no configuration for browsers or operating systems.
  • Shareability: Enables easy sharing of proxy links with friends for content access.

How BlockAway works.

BlockAway acts as a mediator between your device and the internet (Refer to the diagram below). When you enter the web address you wish to visit into the BlockAway site, the web service routes the request through its proxy server towards the target website. The website’s content is then returned to the user through the same proxy, effectively hiding the user’s real IP address and network identity. 

How does blockaway work

What is not BlockAway?

BlockAway is not a VPN service; it doesn’t offer full encryption of your internet activities or the complete privacy and security features that come with a VPN. While effective at unblocking websites and concealing your browsing from those on your local network, it doesn’t guarantee complete anonymity or shield you from all types of online monitoring. In addition, BlockAway does not offer advanced features aimed at users with specific and high-demand online needs, for tasks like SEO, web scraping, market research, and more. 

Is BlockAway free? What are the Premium options? 

​​BlockAway offers both a free version and a premium subscription model (via CroxyProxy) for its proxy services. The premium subscription is available for $3.50 per month through Patreon, offering ad-free premium access and additional ‘Premium’ features. Premium features include access to the fastest servers without proxy service advertisements, the ability to pick a server from countries like Germany, the UK, Spain, the USA, Canada, and Israel, smooth Full HD video playback, no file size limitation, and priority support. 

BlockAway Review

So, we took for a test and checked out how it holds up against internet censorship, privacy issues, and overall performance. We wanted to see if it works to unblock websites that are usually out of reach in some areas. We also explored its features, and privacy policy and tested its security measures.

blockaway homepage


  • Accessibility: While actively testing, we did manage to open popular sites but the best part is that we also unblocked one popular censored site in our country. 
  • Functionality: BlockAway performs well in accessing a range of content, from videos to social media, though high-resolution streams may slow down.
  • Speed: Although browsing speed showed a drop while using, via a speed test with Speedtest by Ookla. The web-based tool still balances speed and privacy well.
  • Privacy and Security: Tests with WhoisXML API and DNSstuff confirm hides users’ IPs effectively. Plus the security checks via VirusTotal and Sucuri showed that BlockAway is safe from malware or phishing.
  • User Experience: is easy to use and navigate through. It provides clear instructions and quick links to popular sites. 
  • Compatibility: Since BlockAway is accessed through the browser it works smoothly across different devices and browsers.
  • Support and Documentation: The tool is free, so we can’t expect much support and documentation. However, BlockAway does offer detailed help through an online FAQ and a contact support form

Is BlockAway safe to use? 

BlockAway seems pretty solid for your everyday web surfing and getting around restrictions and into blocked sites. It can be generally safe especially because they claim to be playing by the GDPR rules and are upfront about what info they’re collecting. But, let’s not ignore the red flags – they’re straight-up saying “no promises” on complete anonymity or keeping everything encrypted. Plus, there’s a chance they might tweak the data you’re accessing. 

In addition, those ads from third parties? Yeah, they could be a bit of a privacy and experience headache. So, if you’re just browsing around, BlockAway should be fine, but for anything super private or sensitive, you might want to double down on your security with a ‘premium’ proxy service or use a VPN to keep things tight.

Is Blockaway legit? is deemed safe and legitimate, scoring a high trust rating of 100/100 (according to Scam adviser). It boasts positive security features like a valid SSL certificate and cookie consent compliance, coupled with a good reputation on Tranco. Despite the owner’s identity being hidden and a negative social media association, the overall analysis suggests prioritizes user privacy and security. However, users are advised to conduct their own research due to the website owner’s anonymity.


BlockAway’s pretty handy for dodging those annoying web blocks and peeking into restricted sites. It keeps your IP undercover and fights off the usual internet ‘censors’, all for free. Plus, it is super easy to use, whether you’re on your Android phone or computer. But just a heads up, though—it’s not a full-on anonymity tool. While it’s mostly safe and gets a thumbs up for trust, if you’re dealing with private data, you might want to avoid BlockAway or at least level up your security with a VPN.

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The Top Eight Alternatives to Blockaway.

This section compiles a list of sites like BlockAway. Sites like, CroxyProxy, and Zalmos, among others, offer features ranging from anonymous browsing and SSL encryption to ad-free experiences and advanced unblocking capabilities. Each option presents a unique set of benefits from enhanced security measures to user-friendly interfaces.


Proxysite is a well-known web proxy service that enables users to browse the web anonymously, access blocked websites, and hide IP addresses. This site is a fantastic alternative to BlockAway due to its similar functionality in providing anonymous web browsing and access to restricted content. Yet it provides a different set of features and user interface.

b. CroxyProxy


CroxyProxy is an advanced, secure web proxy service for unblocking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and more. In fact CroxyProxy is the company behind BlockAway, so it offers the same features and security. Check our review of CroxyProxy IPs.

Other similar services behind CroxyProxy (aside BlockAway): 

  • The advanced proxy service we have been talking about comes from the same company, CroxyProxy. 
  • focuses specifically on providing unrestricted access to YouTube (but still it unlocks the same sites as CroxyProxy and BlockAway). It offers a hassle-free service to bypass blocks and enjoy video content without limitations.
  •, similar to its .com counterpart, this other domain from CroxyProxy offers free web proxy services. The idea is to enable users to access their favorite websites and web applications anonymously.

c. is a free web proxy that offers anonymous browsing and access to blocked websites without restrictions. It supports SSL for enhanced privacy. is a good alternative to BlockAway because, in addition to providing essential proxy services, it also emphasizes secure and fast browsing with SSL support. Plus the service is optimized for streaming video content.

d. Zalmos


Zalmos Web Proxy, similar to BlockAway is a web proxy service that offers secure and unrestricted access to the Internet. It also acts as a shield for your personal data while browsing. Zalmos is a solid alternative to BlockAway due to its emphasis on advanced encryption for all websites and a seamless user experience for accessing blocked content. It is particularly useful for enhancing privacy for users who prioritize encryption and anonymous web searching in their online activities.

e. KProxy: 


KProxy is a free and anonymous web proxy service that allows its users to surf privately, bypass filters and evade hackers. It hides users’ IP addresses for online privacy and offers a KProxy Extension for an easier experience. The service claims 100% compatibility with websites and enhanced security through encrypted connections. It also provides a PRO version for even faster service, no ads, and includes a portable browser option for on-the-go secure access. KProxy is a great BlockAway alternative with its user-friendly browser extension that ensures all sites work smoothly and encrypts connections for extra security, especially on public WiFi.

f. VPNBook: 


​​VPNBook offers a free VPN and web proxy service. It enables secure and anonymous internet access without registration. This service faces limitations like ad disturbances but supports the HTTPS protocol. Additionally, it stands out as a good alternative to BlockAway because it offers both VPN and SSL-encrypted proxy services for free. And that is not all, VPNBook also provides features like no-cost access, multiple server locations, and the ability to unblock major websites.

g. GenMirror Web Proxy


GenMirror, is a similar site to BlockAway, it is a free SSL web proxy that allows users to unblock YouTube, Facebook, and other sites on any device without installation. It offers a mobile-friendly interface, SSL encryption for secure browsing, and ultra-fast speeds. It is a good BlockAway alternative for its ability to stream music and videos without limits and keep user activity private.

h. ​​4everproxy 


4EverProxy offers both a VPN and web proxy service. The service is designed to enhance online privacy and security. It encrypts internet traffic, allowing users to hide their IP addresses and access blocked sites across any device without logging user activities. This service is a similar site to BlockAway (and a fantastic alternative), especially for those seeking comprehensive online protection with features like unlimited bandwidth, DDoS protection, and private DNS across multiple server locations.

Final Words.

BlockAway is a reliable tool for bypassing web restrictions and enhancing online privacy. But keep in mind that it’s not a catch-all solution for anonymity or security. For those seeking more robust features or different functionalities, our listed alternatives offer tailored services.  

Whether sticking with BlockAway or exploring other options, enhancing your online privacy and access remains a paramount choice.

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