What Does By Proxy Mean?

The phrase “What does by proxy mean?” commonly appears in tech discussions, highlighting the use of intermediaries to facilitate actions between different entities. This term has significant implications across various technological domains, from internet security to data management and software testing.  Understanding the term involves exploring how technologies employ intermediaries to enhance functionality, security, and

Proxy on iPhone: Step-by-step Instructions

Proxies act as bridges between your iPhone and the internet. They allow you to browse anonymously and access geo-restricted content by taking your local traffic through a server that masks your actual “home” IP address.  How to set up a proxy on an iPhone? Want to know more?  Continue reading! Disclaimer: This material has been developed

Guide to Interstellar Proxy

Interstellar Proxy is a popular web proxy server that unblocks Internet sites and apps. It is useful in environments like schools, universities, or workplaces where access may be restricted. This comprehensive guide to Interstellar Proxy covers everything from its basic functionality to detailed deployment instructions and usage tips. It provides insights into the GitHub project

Proxyium Review and Alternatives.

Audio Version (Press Play & Scroll Seamlessly Through the Article ▶️🎶) Proxyium is a free web proxy service. It allows you to web anonymously and access restricted content. The benefits of using Proxyium include anonymous surfing, access to restricted content, enhanced security, and compatibility across devices. Additionally, Proxyium also ensures high-speed browsing through optimized network

School Proxy: All you need to know!

School proxies are like the gatekeepers of the internet in schools. They ensure that students (and other school personnel) can browse the web safely and securely and that they don’t access any inappropriate content. School proxies also help to manage how much bandwidth students can use, which is important for keeping the network running smoothly.

Email Proxy Essentials for Business Owners

There is a growing need to protect email communication channels. VIPRE security researchers predict a 276% increase in email-distributed malware in 2024. One component that can improve email security is the humble email proxy. An email proxy is an excellent addition to business security. However, you may be surprised at how easily (and cheaply) you

Instagram Proxy: An Essential Guide for Business Use

Marketers, influencers, and businesses must sometimes juggle multiple accounts or gather data. An Instagram proxy is the critical ingredient in the secret sauce that provides anonymity, security, and unrestricted access.  If you aren’t sure how this unique tool fits into your social media plans, read on! Disclaimer: This material has been developed strictly for informational

TamilMV Proxy – How to Unblock TamilMV?

I’ve often come across TamilMV, which is a popular online platform that offers a vast collection of movies, including the latest releases from Tamil cinema. It also offers movies in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and English. However, due to copyright issues, TamilMV often faces restrictions and bans, making it challenging for users to access its

Discord Proxy: Setup, Tips, and FAQs

The Discord application itself has no integrated proxy settings feature, for various technical and economical reasons. So, setting up a proxy within the Discord app is not possible. But still, you can manage with a third-party application. Some of the applications, like Proxifier, Proximac, or ProxyCap can let you use a proxy in almost any

Reddit and Proxies: The Ultimate Guide for Users!

Want to explore Reddit without limits? Proxies are the answer. This article delves into why and how to use proxies on Reddit effectively, covering aspects like access, privacy, account management, and content scraping. It emphasizes the need for responsible usage in line with Reddit’s terms, highlighting ethical considerations in proxy use. Disclaimer: This material has been

Blockaway Review and Alternatives 

BlockAway is a proxy solution that lets you access restricted websites privately and securely. It breaks network restrictions, is compatible with popular sites, and offers proxy servers in Europe and the USA. Although it is a reliable and cheap alternative to VPNs, it did fail to pass the anonymity test.  In this BlockAway review, we

Wingate.me: Is It Safe, Is It Legit?  

Audio Version (Press Play & Scroll Seamlessly Through the Article ▶️🎶) Exploring the realm of private proxies, Wingate.me presents itself as a provider of premium IPv4/Socks5 servers. With an extensive proxy server pool and a range of plans, Wingate.me aims to cater to various user needs, though several red flags suggest proceeding with caution. Wingate.me’s

The Ultimate Guide to Wingate.

WinGate is a cutting-edge Internet management tool that not only serves as a proxy server but also offers robust VPN and security features. This tool excels in streamlining Internet access, enhancing network security, and simplifying web content management.  Want to learn more?  This guide will help you understand WinGate’s capabilities, from basic setup to its

The Ultimate Guide to Shadowrocket

This nifty rule-based proxy utility client is a game-changer in the realm of internet security. It offers a plethora of advanced proxy features (similar to what VPNs provide). But Shadorcket is more than just an app. It’s your gateway to the open internet, top-notch data encryption, and a world of content at your fingertips.

Instant Data Scraper Review and Alternatives

Let’s take a closer look at Instant Data Scraper—a pretty neat tool that’s been making waves in the world of web scraping. With its easy-to-use interface and AI smarts, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. In this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about Instant Data Scraper. We’ll cover

Hands-on Tutorial to Set Up Proxy SwitchyOmega

Switching between different proxy settings can be a cumbersome task, especially if you’re doing it multiple times a day. That is where knowing how to use Proxy SwitchyOmega is handy. Managing proxy settings to increase our privacy shouldn’t be a chore. If you’re tired of the constant hassle of manual proxy management, you need this