Ultimate Guide: 10 Ways to Hide Your IP.

Your IP is like your home address. Your home address gives the post office a way to find you. Without a home address, you wouldn’t be able to receive any mail. But also without a home address, people wouldn’t be able to find you.  An IP can be treated similarly. Your IP is the unique

The Truth About Proxy Lists.

Proxies are servers used for anonymous web browsing, data scraping, or to bypass censorships. They provide a gateway to other networks while keeping full anonymity of the original request. Proxies can be private or open/public.  Proxy lists are simply an updated collection of open proxies, showing IP, country, port, anonymity, uptime, and availability. Lists can

The SEO Proxy: What is it and Why Do You Need it?

Search engines provide online exposure, visibility, reputation, and traffic to any website. They give business owners a tremendous opportunity to improve customer acquisition. But search engines also bring new challenges to the market. For example, Google, the largest search engine, with a staggering 90% search-engine market share globally, sets the “online marketing” game rules. When

Web Scraping: Everything You Need to Know About.

Web scraping is the automated process of extracting information from websites. It can help you collect data from real estate listings, flights, weather, product reviews, or anything publicly available— fast and easy.  Although web scraping has had a bad reputation, it is not illegal. Still, most websites will attempt to stop it with a combination