CapSolver: The Key to Auto CAPTCHA Unlocking?

CapSolver is a tool for automatically solving CAPTCHAs. While most people don’t need a CAPTCHA solver, it becomes invaluable in specific contexts, such as web scraping activities. Where large volumes of data must be extracted from websites, it can significantly speed up the process.

This article explores this tool to see if it’s as good as it claims. Since nothing is perfect, we’ll also recommend alternatives for those seeking other options.

CapSolver works with an API key.  or via a web browser extension
CapSolver works with an API key. (Source: CapSolver)

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Table of Contents

  1. What is CapSolver?
  2. How CapSolver Works
  3. CapSolver Pros and Cons
  4. Recommended Use Cases
  5. Using CapSolver With a Proxy
  6. CapSolver Alternatives
  7. Final Words
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CapSolver?

CapSolver is an advanced CAPTCHA-solving tool to help bypass “Are you a robot” checks. These checks are often encountered on websites to limit the effectiveness of bots. However, they’re pretty annoying for humans.

Key Features

  • Image and OCR Recognition: Can identify specific objects in pictures, such as street signs, vehicles, or animals. It also works with text-based images.
  • Pattern Recognition: Helps CapSolver identify patterns or logical sequences to anticipate correct answers. 
  • Effective Speed: Aims to mimic human behavior and respond within specific timeframes.
  • Multi-platform Capable: Works via a browser extension or integrates with code via an API key.

2. How CapSolver Works

CapSolver claims to use “AI-powered auto web unlock technology,” but I feel skeptical about this claim. This is primarily because you must provide most details, which it then matches with the known behavior of the specific CAPTCHAs you’re trying to solve.

While some level of AI is possible in this task, it’s also possible that the steps for resolution are hardcoded into the tool. As an example of this, let’s look at one of the examples they provide;

In the example above, you’re providing CapSolver with an API key and telling it what kind of CAPTCHA you expect it to encounter. Based on that, the CapSolver system can mix and match with suitable databases.

Admittedly, there is some element of “AI” since specific CAPTCHAs are image-based and require some interpretation from the CapSolver system.

3. CapSolver Pros and Cons

Like any other tool, CapSolver has its share of pros and cons. However, it’s essential to remember the primary use case: Web scraping support. After all, a key feature for some can be redundant for others.

Honestly, though, I felt that the best part of is (surprisingly) its documentation. The instructions are very detailed and straightforward to follow. It’s essentially a series of bulletproof templates for you to modify.

Easy CAPTCHA solving automationNo free plan
Fast and efficientCAPTCHA types must be specified
Relatively cheap (Bulk pricing available)Complex pricing system (Different CAPTCHA types have different prices)
Supports many CAPTCHA types
Usable via browser or API key
Simple user dashboard
Excellent documentation
Accepts crypto payments

4. Recommended Use Cases

As you can tell by the lack of a free plan, CapSolver suits some use cases more than others. For example, you probably won’t use it to save a few seconds off solving CAPTCHAs for regular web browsing. It makes much more sense commercially;

Web Application Testing

Repetitive testing of web applications can significantly strain development resources. Devs and QA engineers can use this tool to automate the testing process for web applications. This can also speed up the testing process.

Market Research

Those engaged in online market research can use CapSolver to automate surveys and data gathering. Most websites today use CAPTCHAs for validation, and CapSolver helps increase the efficiency of collecting large volumes of data.

SEO Data Analysis

One interesting but debatable case of use is to access SEO-related data like rankings and keyword densities. However, this is typically available in most professional SEO tools. As such, using it may help gather supplementary data.

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5. Using CapSolver With a Proxy

Although this is primarily a review, it’s essential to note how this tool works with proxies. Many web scrapers tend to use these handy tools for various reasons. We must discuss CapSolver because you can and can’t use it with proxies.

If that sounds weird, it’s probably because it is.

You cannot use proxies when connecting to CapSolver servers for API access. I’m not sure why, but if you do, they’ll ban the IP addresses you’re connecting from.

However, they acknowledge that you may need proxies to gather data from websites when using their service. In this case, you’ll have to use a configuration code to provide your proxy details, such as type, username, and password.

Here’s an example of how this works:

Additionally, you’ll have to whitelist the CapSolver server IP addresses on your proxy server. It’s slightly concerning that they’ll ask you to do all this while banning you from using proxies to access their service. Did I hear someone say double standards?

6. CapSovler Alternatives

CapSolver is far from alone in the anti-CAPTCHA market. Many solutions are available, ranging from highly professional alternatives like 2Captcha to seedier versions like DeCaptcher (which we aren’t going to cover here).

Here’s a short list of a few CapSolver alternatives you can take for a spin:



Like CapSolver, 2Captcha helps automate the unlocking of CAPTCHA-protected websites. It is unique because the company pays humans to fill out CAPTCHAs. While the payouts are peanuts, it’s something for practically nothing. 



Where CapSolves charges on a pay-as-you-go basis, CaptchaAI charges a monthly fee. This is a better proposition for those who must solve CAPTCHAs in bulk (as in massive bulk). It works with applications, the Chrome browser, and via API key.

Free CAPTCHA Bypass


Interestingly, this tool has the word free since it’s certainly not free. However, it does many similar things to CapSolver and does offer $1 in free credits if you register and try out their system. Support is pretty much nonexistent, though.



If you like CapSolver but not its prices, AntiCaptcha is probably the alternative you’re looking for. It offers similar services in a professional-looking package, albeit at a lower cost. Speed-wise, it does better for some CAPTCHAs but is relatively slow for others.



Another service with overenthusiastic claims, NextCaptcha says it’s a next-generation CAPTCHA-solving service. I’m unsure how that blows since we’ve yet to enter the next generation of CAPTCHAs. Still, it’s also relatively cheap and works as advertised.

7. Final Words

Whether you choose CapSolver or one of its alternatives for your needs, this is a mature market. CAPTCHA solvers have been around almost as long as CAPTCHAs, so there’s nothing space-age here.

My only strong suggestion would be that, for most use cases, always pay attention to the working details for their API. It’s likely unsuitable for your web scraping needs if it doesn’t offer an API. Unless, of course, you’re using something like Dolphin Anty.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Is CapSolver legal to use?

The answer to this is similar to most tech tools; yes, CapSolver is legal. However, it can also be illegal if you intentionally use the tool to scrape data or access services, violating their terms of service.

Can CapSolver handle all types of CAPTCHAs?

It can handle almost all kinds of CAPTCHAs currently in use. It handles everything from text-based and image-based variants to interactive CAPTCHAs, like puzzles. However, its effectiveness can also vary depending on the complexity of the CAPTCHA types. 

Are there any risks associated with using CapSolver? 

Since CapSolver allows you to carry out activities with a proxy, the risks are minimal if you use a trustworthy proxy service. However, that depends on your trust in CapSolver since you cannot use a proxy to connect to their servers.

Does CapSolver work instantly?

CapSolver can solve many CAPTCHAs quickly, but the exact time can vary based on CAPTCHA complexity and the current load on their system. They claim that most CAPTCHAs can be solved within 10 seconds, with reCAPTCHA v2 Enterprise being the slowest at around 9s. 

Can CapSolver integrate with existing systems?

Yes, CapSolver is designed to integrate various systems and platforms easily as long as they can access the CapSolver API. This applies to most web scrapers, which accept scripts and other code. 

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