Plain Proxy Review (+ Alternatives)

Plain Proxy specializes in IPv6 (and IPv4) residential proxies. They claim, stable internet speeds, high connection success rates, over 100 server locations, and more. 

Although they advertise both IPv4 and IPv6 data center and residential proxies, unfortunately, the majority of their services are currently unavailable. At the time when we wrote this review, currently, only IPv6 residential proxies are available. What likely attracts the most people to Plain Proxy is their free web proxy service.

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Plain Proxy

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Table of Contents

  1. PlainProxies Website Overview
  2. Feature List of PlainProxies
  3. Plain Proxy Pricing
  4. Plain Proxy Free Trial
  5. Dashboard Review
  6. Customer Support
  7. Security and Privacy Review
  8. Resources and Tools (Free Web Proxy)
  9. Alternatives to Plain Proxy Services
  10. Summary 

1. Plain Proxy Website Overview

PlainProxies (PlainProxies website), established in 2022, is a web data extraction platform based in Germany. Known for its rapid and stable performance, PlainProxies offers a range of proxy services including IPv4 and IPv6 datacenter and residential proxies. They also offer SERP API designed for easier scraping of Google search results.

Note: Plain Proxy advertises IPv4 and IPv6 datacenter and residential proxies. However, while reviewing this service, we only found IPv6 residential proxies to be available at this time. The popular IPv4 and IPv6 datacenter proxies were unavailable, and the IPv4 residential proxy was also unavailable.

Feature List of Plain Proxies:

  1. High Connection Success Rate: This feature ensures reliable and uninterrupted browsing and data extraction 
  2. Stable Access Speed: This is ideal for extensive data collection and web scraping tasks.
  3. Over 100 Server Locations: Plain Proxy offers diverse proxy server locations. This feature allows you to select country locations and even specific cities. 
  4. Cost-Effective Solutions: Affordable pricing starting at 29€ per week for IPv6 residential proxies.
  5. User Dashboard: A self-service platform for purchasing and managing plans, customizing proxies, and upgrading services.
  6. Ratelimit-Free: This is a unique proxy rotation system. The feature eliminates any concerns you might have about hitting rate limits.
  7. 24/7 Support: Plain Proxy service claims comprehensive support through live chat and a ticketing system.
  8. Scrapers (Amazon and SERP API): These features facilitate the scraping of Google and Amazon search results. However, at the time we wrote this Plain Proxy review (Jun 2024), the scrapers for Amazon and SERP were unavailable. Learn more about web scraping (what proxies to use and how to do it right).

2. Plain Proxy Pricing

Plain Proxy offers a range of subscription plans for their IPv6 Residential proxies (unavailable for other IPv4 and IPv6 proxies). This pricing structure accommodates various usage needs, from short-term weekly subscriptions to long-term annual commitments. The key features across these plans include bandwidth allocation, concurrent connections, access to multiple locations, and automatic renewals.

Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table to clearly outline the differences between these pricing plans:

PlanPriceDurationBandwidthConcurrent ConnectionsFeatures
Weekly Subscription29€1 week250 GB (0.05€/GB)250Country & City Targeting, No IPv4 Leak, Automatic Renewal
Monthly Subscription99€1 month1 TB (0.05€/GB)250Country & City Targeting, No IPv4 Leak, Automatic Renewal
Yearly Subscription999€1 year15 TB (0.05€/GB)250Country & City Targeting, No IPv4 Leak, Automatic Renewal
Custom Enterprise PlansCustomCustomCustomUnlimitedFully Customizable, Unlimited Connections, Dedicated Account Manager, Priority Support, Automatic Renewal

A few observations: 

  • Access to Locations: All plans provide access to over 100 locations.
  • Automatic Renewal: All standard plans automatically renew at the end of the subscription period.
  • Support: Enterprise plans include priority support and a dedicated account manager.


Plain Proxies offers flexible plans with clear bandwidth allocations. However, (unfortunately) advertised IPv4 proxies were unavailable. In addition, the cost information beyond bandwidth overages was lacking. This can be a disadvantage because you might never know when you’ll get unexpected charges.

3. Plain Proxy Free Trial

A 7-day free trial is clearly advertised on the homepage. However, it was challenging to find a straightforward way to activate it. This indicates that the trial is either limited or requires direct contact with support to activate.

  • When going after the free trial (following links on the payment process), we were immediately re-directed to the pricing page: After following up further, we were just presented with the payment form (without notice of any 7-day free trial or discount). 


The activation for the Plain Proxy’s advertised 7-day free trial is unreliable and unclear. The trial link led to a 404 error, and the pricing page didn’t mention the trial.

4. Dashboard Review

Plain Proxy offers a user dashboard designed to help you handle your proxy services and account details. We reviewed the dashboard to evaluate its usability, design, and overall user experience.

At first impression, the user dashboard looks professional and clean. It provides the interface for managing your proxies (IPv4 and IPv6), scrapers (Amazon and SERP), account settings, and direct access to support. 

From here you can also see the purchasing plans, upgrade services, manage subscriptions, and set up notifications and security. 

  • Usability: Plain Proxy’s dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive. It has a clear navigation menu and a pretty good organization of features. Key usability features include easy navigation, quick access to key functions, and visible status indicators.
  • Design: has a slick dashboard with a pretty clean layout. Plus, the color scheme is easy on the eyes. The design’s not cluttered at all, even though it has many cool features.
  • User Experience: We recommend Plain Proxy for its user-friendly dashboard. Plus, having the onboarding process on the dashboard itself is so helpful and easy to understand, even for beginners. Furthermore, you can customize your notifications and alerts to keep track of your proxies’ activity. And if you need help, the support team is just a click away. 


The Plain Proxy’s dashboard is well-designed and user-friendly. But it could be improved in several ways. One thing we quickly noticed was that some services are marked as “Soon” or “Contact,” indicating they are still unavailable. Either you get them by contacting support or they are unavailable (which contradicts the homepage announcements). This “unavailability” gives a bit of uncertainty for the rest of their services.

5. Customer Support

PlainProxies claims to offer 24/7 support through live chat and a ticketing system. They have a ticketing system and a live easily accessible chat right at the main dashboard. 

  • While actually reaching out and testing the customer support, we noticed our support level shows as “Basic.” Obviously their “Basic” support level is not 24/7. 
  • We were auto-replied that the team will be back tomorrow. We tried again the next day, but we didn’t get a hold from the support team after waiting more than 33 minutes… 🙁 
  • But, according to their homepage, this support level comes with options to upgrade. 

Areas for improvement: If support can’t be available 24/7, that is acceptable. However, we couldn’t find proper documentation and knowledge base (for how Plain Proxy services work, or how to make them work). Although there is a blog, it could be exponentially improved. 


Plain Proxies’s basic support lacked 24/7 availability and had delayed response times. While we recommend Plain Proxy for pricing and their free web proxy service, their basic support is unreliable for urgent issues.

6. Plain Proxy: Security and Privacy Review

This section of the review evaluates the effectiveness of their security and privacy features through hands-on testing. We went through a few security and privacy features. 

Security Key Features

  • Multiple 2FA options enhance account security.
  • SMS recovery and recovery codes
  • High connection success rate and stable access speed.
  • No IP address leak for enhanced privacy.
  • Country & city targeting for anonymity.

Note: Security features do not mention IP whitelisting for additional security layers.


The PlainProxies Privacy Policy outlines the company’s commitment to GDPR compliance. It details how personal data is collected, processed, and protected. It also provides transparency on user rights, data sharing, and the measures taken to ensure the security of data. 

After carefully analyzing this privacy data, we came up with the following pros and cons table. 

GDPR Compliance: Ensures data protection and user rights.Data Breaches: Limited information on handling data breaches.
Clear Responsibility: Defines who is responsible for data processing.Retention Periods: Lacks specific data retention periods.
User Rights: Detailed rights for access, rectification, erasure, and more.Data Sharing: Needs more detailed scenarios for data sharing.
Security Measures: Mentions technical and organizational measures for data protection.Anonymization: Insufficient details on data anonymization for statistics.
Transparency: Regular updates and clear communication about policy changes.Cookie Policy Integration: Not fully integrated into the privacy policy.
Use of Data Processors: Specifies categories of data processors.Children’s Data: No mention of handling data from children under 16.
Legal Grounds for Processing: Clearly lists legal grounds for data processing.Complaint Handling: Brief on internal complaint handling procedures.


Plain Proxy service has robust security features, including 2FA options, stable connections, and IPv4 leak protection. Plus, a good thing about their privacy is their claim to adhere to GDPR compliance. But still, they could improve data breach handling, data sharing scenarios, and retention periods. Consider these limitations if you are deciding to use Plain Proxy services. 

7. Resources and Tools (The Free Web Proxy)

An area that gets a lot of attention from Plain Proxies is its free web proxy and other several tools and resources, such as IPv6 compatibility checker, and proxy tester. These tools can be useful if you need to browse without geo-blocks, keep your privacy or simply if you need quick proxy checks and compatibility tests.


  • Free web proxy and other testing tools available.
  • Helpful resources for new and existing users.


  • The full potential of these tools might be limited without the availability of all proxy services.
  • The resources does not include robust documentation or knowledgbase. 


Plain Proxy offers useful tools like the popular free web proxy and proxy tester. This web proxy is perfect if you are looking to bypass geo-blocks and maintain privacy. However, the true potential of these resources is limited without access to all proxy services.

8. Alternatives to Plain Proxy Services.

In this section, we will go through all the potential alternatives and similar sites to Plain Proxy services. 

a. RapidSeedbox Proxy

RapidSeedbox Proxy delivers top-tier IPv4 and IPv6 proxies designed for optimal speed, stability, and anonymity. It is a good alternative to Plain Proxy, because thy offer both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies with robust security and privacy. In addition, proxies are also geographically diverse (United States, the Netherlands, and UK), plus they offer unlimited bandwidth, massive IPs, IP rotation, dedicated IPv4, and privately owned IPs. And that is not all, Rapidseedbox is also serious about customer service, with 24×7 premium customer service to everybody.


  • 24-hour money-back guarantee
  • dedicated network bandwith
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies
  • High-speed scraping capabilities.
  • Human-like browsing and data collection.

Experience the best in proxy services.

Want high-speed high-success rate and available
IPv4 and IPv6 RapidSeedbox’s proxies?

b. CroxyProxy

Similar to Plain Proxy, CroxyProxy is a free web proxy service. It is perfect for video streaming (such as unblocking Youtube) and social networking (for bypassing Reddit, Facebook, etc limits). CroxyProxy ensures secure and anonymous browsing with no configuration required. CroxyProxy is a great alternative to Plain Proxy because of its user-friendly interface and multimedia support. CroxyProxy an excellent choice for quick, secure web access.

Curious about how CroxyProxy can improve your browsing experience? Discover all the features and benefits in our detailed Croxy Proxy IP guide!

c. Proxyium

Proxyium is a free web proxy service that offers anonymous browsing. It’s perfect for accessing restricted content without needing to install any additional software. Proxyium support the popular websites and encrypts traffic (with standard HTTPS). Proxyium is a good alternative to Plain Proxy, because it excels with its speed, anonymity, and user-friendly interface. Likewise, its cross-device compatibility makes it a dependable choice compared to Plain Proxy.

Curious to know if Proxyium is a good alternative to Plain Proxy? Dive into our detailed Proxyium review and alternatives to find out more!

d. BlockAway

Similar to Plain Proxy’s Free Web Proxy, BlockAway is also a top-tier proxy service. It also lets you access any website and maintain your privacy. BlockAway is free, user-friendly, and perfect for browsing at school, university, or work. To use this site, simply enter the URL, and enjoy unrestricted internet access without any hassle. BlockAway is a perfect alternative to Plain Proxy because it is easy to use, secure, and can bypass geo-blocks.

Do you want to explore BlockAway’s full potential? Check out our in-depth BlockAway review and alternatives to learn more!

e. Proxysite is a top-notch free web proxy service designed to safeguard your online privacy and bypass geo-blocks. The online service routes your internet traffic through its secure proxy servers. Same as other free web proxy services, Proxysite supports popular sites like YouTube and Facebook. stands out due to its perfect blend of speed, security, and user-friendliness. It’s an excellent choice if you like Plain Proxy but are looking to further protect your privacy while accessing restricted content.

Looking to surf the web safely and securely? Check out our super helpful guide, it’s got everything you need to know and more!

9. Summary.

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of using Plain Proxy. 

High Connection Success RateLimited Availability of Advertised Services.
Stable Access SpeedFree Trial Activation Issues
Over 100 Server LocationsLack of Detailed Cost Information
Cost-Effective Solutions.Customer Support Delays.
User-Friendly Dashboard.Limited Documentation.

Plain Proxy advertises reliable IPv6 and IPv4 residential and datacenter proxies with stable internet speeds and a high connection success rate.

After carefully reviewing the service, we found the user-friendly dashboard really impressive for simplifying proxy management. While the service excels in many areas, some advertised proxies like IPv4 and certain datacenter options were not currently available (at the time we did this review). Plus, the activation process for the free trial also gave us a lot of challenges. Despite these issues, we would recommend Plain Proxy for its free web proxy service. 

Are you frustrated with the limitations and challenges of Plain Proxy?

RapidSeedbox offers high-speed web scraping, ipv4 and ipv6 proxies (with unlimited bandwith), and exceptional 24/7 customer support.

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