Nginx Proxy Manager: A Complete Guide. 

Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM) is an open-source and free application designed to simplify the management of Nginx’s proxy, SSL, Access Lists, and more. It is built with a user-friendly dashboard that aims to help those users who aren’t exactly Nginx CLI experts. Plus, it also provides free SSL via Let’s Encrypt, Docker integration, and support

Traefik vs NGINX: Design and Purpose Comparison

One of the most prominent tool comparisons in web traffic management is Traefik vs NGINX. Both are cornerstones in building efficient, scalable, and secure web applications. Today, we’ll compare them and see how far similarity ends at purpose. Table of Contents What are Traefik and NGINX? Traefik and NGINX are both web server applications. They

HAProxy vs NGINX: Comparing Web Infrastructure

Optimizing your web infrastructure can often lead to small but vital differences in performance. This can be especially true for sites that see larger traffic volumes. To this end, we compare HAProxy vs NGINX, two applications capable of load balancing. Table of Contents 1. What Are HAPRoxy and NGINX? HAProxy NGINX Introduced 2000 2004 Creator