Privacy Showdown: Incognition vs Dolphin Anty

Browser fingerprinting, a growing threat to privacy, can be mitigated with the right tools. But which tool is right for you? This is where a detailed comparison of Incognition vs. Dolphin Anty comes in handy. This article will explore the features, performance, security measures, and overall usability of Incognition vs. Dolphin Anty. Let’s see which

7 [Real] Ways to Fix the “Your IP has been Banned” Error (2024)

Have you been unfairly barred from accessing your favorite websites or found yourself on the wrong side of an online blockade? Are you seeing the infamous “Your IP has been Banned” error, and are dying to get your web service, app, site, game, or streaming platform unblocked?  In this guide, we’ll unveil an arsenal of

Pale Moon Browser: A Full Review (2024)

Welcome to our comprehensive Pale Moon browser review (2024 update)! If you’re seeking a web browser that offers a distinctive blend of customization and privacy, you’re in for a treat. In this Pale Moon browser review, we’ll uncover the fascinating origins and unique qualities of Pale Moon. We’ll also go through the process of downloading,

Is Tor Browser Safe? A Guide to Online Privacy with Tor Browser. 

Want a quick answer? — Is Tor Safe? Yes. But still, we believe you shouldn’t fall for a quick “yes/no answer” to “Is Tor Browser safe?”. After all, there are many different use cases, requirements, resources, etc. So, whether Tor Browser is safe or not is all about you, what you are doing with it,

Nothing in Life is Free. Understanding the Risks of Torrenting

Introduction In a world of online streaming media, BitTorrent remains the most popular peer-to-peer distribution by far. BitTorrent is the No. 1 cause of upload traffic—9.7% of the data we upload comes from BitTorrent. Though it can be used to share copyright-free content with thousands of people quickly, we can’t overlook that many people use

The Definitive Guide to Brave Browser (2024 Review)

Brave’s company team’s core mission is: “to safeguard your data, not take it—to close data loopholes, not open them.”  With this mission statement in mind, you’ll know what to expect from this web browser.  Brave is an alternative web browser attempting to serve a niche of the new “privacy-aware” users. Everyday Brave looks for and