Oculus Proxies: Serving a Niche Purpose

While niche products and services are common in the market, it isn’t typical for an even more niche sub-category to emerge. Oculus Proxies is one such unique service. It markets itself as a proxy service specifically designed for events and product releases, such as new launches for SNKRS and other retail products.

If that piques your interest, read on.

Oculus Proxies markets itself as a proxy service specifically designed for niche use such as SNKRS launchers and other retail products.

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Table of Contents

  1. What are Oculus Proxies?
  2. How Oculus Proxies Works
  3. User Experience and Interface
  4. Oculus Proxies Performance
  5. Is Oculus Proxies a Legitimate Service?
  6. Pricing and Plans for Oculus Proxies
  7. Who Should Use Oculus Proxies?
  8. Final Thoughts

1. What is Oculus Proxies?

Oculus Proxies serves a niche market - sneaker enthusiasts.
Oculus Proxies serves a niche market – sneaker enthusiasts. (Source: Oculus Proxies)

Like most other proxy services, Oculus Proxies’ primary objective is to give you a bunch of IP addresses. You can then feed these into a browser or web tool to mask your device. However, the information on its website appears to skew in one specific direction—sneaker copping.

For those unfamiliar with the term, sneaker copping is when fans try to grab limited-edition sneakers. However, it’s also popular with scalpers who use sneaker bots and proxies to grab them for resale.

While it may seem funny to the rest of the world, sneaker copping can be big business. Limited edition sneaker releases have been known to sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

a. Key Features and Claims

  • Residential and data center proxies
  • Flexible authentication
  • No downtime
  • Easy bandwidth usage tracking
  • App-based calendar (for tracking product releases)

2. How Oculus Proxies Works

Oculus Proxies allows you to generate residential IP addresses from locations worldwide.
Oculus Proxies allows you to generate residential IP addresses from locations worldwide. (Source: Oculus Proxies)

You must sign up for one of their plans to use the service. These plans vary in features and are priced depending on the type of proxy you need—residential or data center. Once you’ve purchased, you can access their dashboard to generate IP addresses.

Here’s how it works for residential IP addresses:

  • Select a country from their dropdown list to generate IP addresses for that area.
  • Enter the number of IP addresses you want for that country.
  • Provide your actual IP address.
  • Click Save & Generate.

a. Integration with BP Proxy Switcher

One point of interest is that Oculus Proxies is highly focused. That means it sticks to its primary objective of simply providing you with proxies. You’ll need a third-party tool for anything else, even as essential as IP rotation.

Oculus Proxies recommends BP Proxy Switcher, a Chrome extension that can help with IP rotation. However, the features of BP Proxy Switcher are somewhat rudimentary. We recommend looking for an IP rotator with a few more features. 

3. User Experience and Interface

The Oculus Proxy dashboard simply generates proxy IP addresses.
The Oculus Proxy dashboard simply generates proxy IP addresses. (Source: Oculus Proxy)

Thus far, the bird’ s-eye view of Oculus Proxies has been somewhat stifling. The service has few frills. However, thanks to its focus on simply doing one job well, Oculus Proxies has managed to maintain an extremely streamlined user experience.

All you have to do is sign up for a plan and use their IP generator and BAM. You’re good to go. The simplicity of the process is impressive. Well, at least it is until you find that you need to find other tools for stuff like IP rotation.

Honestly, there isn’t much to speak about concerning any interface. What they have works well but is simply an IP address generator.

a. Customer Support

Getting help with any service or tool is one of the fundamentals customers should focus on. If things go wrong, it’s awesome to know that the company offering the service is willing to help. Again, the information is somewhat conflicting here.

We browsed the documentation section, which wasn’t helpful. There are eight troubleshooting articles, each around a paragraph or two long. The REAL customer support for them lies in two areas. One is a ticketing system for paying customers. 

The other is their Discord channel, which houses their admin, mods, and roughly 3,000 members. However, it should be noted that anyone can join that Discord server, not just active, paying customers.

4. Oculus Proxies Performance

Oculus Proxies claims to provide fast proxies specifically tailored for sneaker copping. Speed claims vary depending on your chosen plan. Overall, they range between 10 GBPS and 100 GBPS for their data center plans. 

However, that alone doesn’t mean much since they are standard figures for network interfaces. The lack of reference to specific speeds on its residential proxy plans highlights the dubious nature of these claims.

5. Is Oculus Proxies a Legitimate Service?

The testimonial section for Oculus Proxies mimics Trustpilot ratings.
The testimonial section for Oculus Proxies mimics Trustpilot ratings. (Source: Oculus Proxies)

On the surface, Oculus Proxies appears to be a legitimate service provider. It offers a professional website and has genuine customers. However, digging deeper raises some doubt about how far this legitimacy extends.

When we assess any service, we use Google standards as one of our indicators of legitimacy. That means an identifiable business entity must back services. However, problems have arisen since we only saw “Oculus Networks Inc.” as the business name. 

While we fully support modern business methods, this information scarcity hardly promotes trust.

There are no new comments on Reddit about Oculus Proxies.
There are no new comments on Reddit about Oculus Proxies. (Source: Google) 
  • Lack of Contact Information – There’s no address or other means of contact. All you get is a web form and, interestingly, a Discord channel. They don’t even maintain social media channels.
  • Dubious Customer Testimonials – Oculus Proxies showcases many customer testimonials on its new website. These are styled to appear like Trustpilot reviews. However, the service has no reviews on the actual Trustpilot site.
  • Outdated comments – They have some happy customers on Reddit. However, most of these comments are from two to four years ago.

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6. Pricing and Plans for Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxy originally priced its products according to the type of proxy you want. However, after that, things got a little muddied. For some reason, it broke away from the niche sneakerbot market and added a site with a more generic “premium proxies” spiel. 

This “2.0” version of the website exists alongside the original one. 

a. Oculus Proxies 1.0 – Data Center IPs

Data center proxies start at $10 and are priced weekly according to quantity and location. 

Oculus 1.0Oculus 1.0Oculus 1.0
PlanIPS PremiumLondon PremiumEvents
LocationsVirginia, USALondon, UKNew York, USA
Starting Price$10$18$10
ModelPer weekPer weekPer week

b. Oculus Proxies 1.0 – Proxies Residential IPs

Residential proxies also start at $10 and are priced according to bandwidth and features. 

Oculus 1.0Oculus 1.0Oculus 1.0
PlanOculus Network PerformanceOculus Network RetailOculus Private Reserve
Starting Price$10$10$110

c. Oculus Proxies 2.0

On the 2.0 version of their website, residential proxies start at $6 and are priced simply according to bandwidth. Data center proxies cost $0.3/GB for shared and $1.2/IP for dedicated.

Oculus 2.0Oculus 2.0Oculus 2.0
PlanShared DatacenterDedicated DatacenterISP Proxies
Starting Price$3$30$6
ModelBandwidthPer IP addressBandwidth

If you’re looking for Oculus Proxies discount offers, forget about the coupon websites. Head to their Discord channel. We’ve seen them offer occasional discount codes and even promote “limited-time” products there.

7. Who Should Use Oculus Proxies?

This service initially carved its niche within the sneaker-copping community, providing a specialized proxy service. Today, it has expanded its offerings to serve a broader range of proxy service needs.

Consider Oculus Proxies if you’re a:

  • Sneaker Enthusiast or Reseller: Those immersed in sneaker-copping can find it challenging to find niche providers. 
  • Freelance Marketer or SEO Professional: Freelance marketers conducting SEO monitoring, competitive analysis, and data scraping can leverage them to gather vital information.
  • Cybersecurity Geek: Individuals looking to bolster their online security posture can utilize data center proxies for better privacy. 
  • Content Creators and Media Professionals: This could work well for those needing access to geo-restricted content or aiming to manage multiple accounts without triggering spam filters.

As you may note from the list above, we hesitate to recommend them for business use. The main reason for this is the need for more accountability. If you spend a lot of company money and something goes wrong, who will you sue?

8. Final Thoughts

Although we aren’t happy with the lack of transparency, Oculus Proxies does, without a doubt, fill a niche. However, the sustainability of services for this niche is questionable, which is likely why the service is expanding towards more generic products.

The problem is that we note many warning flags that come with the service. While that doesn’t have us yelling, “stay away,” It does cause us to urge potential users to look at one of the many better proxy alternatives.

And yes, there are many of them.

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