NAT Traversal Guide: What, Why and How?

NAT Traversal addresses challenges posed by NAT, which disrupts direct device communications by hiding internal IP addresses behind a single public IP. It uses techniques like STUN, TURN, and ICE to establish these connections. NAT Traversal enables services like VoIP calls, gaming, and peer-to-peer apps to work. In addition, it also allows IPSec VPNs to

IPV6: The Future of IoT Connectivity

In this article, we investigate the deep influence of IPv6 on the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). We will delve into how the new protocol acts as a catalyst, propelling the growth and enhancing the security of IoT deployments. Table of Contents: 1. The Importance of IPv6 in IoT Deployments. IPv6, the latest

Web Scraping and Crawling with IPv6 [Guide]

Today, web scraping and crawling are a must-have for data extraction and analysis. IPv6, the latest Internet Protocol version, has revolutionized these processes. That’s why, I’ll show you how to use IPv6 for web scraping and crawling. You’ll see how it’s done, what the benefits are, what challenges you might face, and most importantly –