Reddit and Proxies: The Ultimate Guide for Users!

Want to explore Reddit without limits? Proxies are the answer.

This article delves into why and how to use proxies on Reddit effectively, covering aspects like access, privacy, account management, and content scraping. It emphasizes the need for responsible usage in line with Reddit’s terms, highlighting ethical considerations in proxy use.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Reasons to Use a Proxy on Reddit
  2. Which Proxies to use on Reddit? 
  3. Optimal Proxy Combinations for Reddit
  4. Finding the Best Proxy Provider for Reddit
  5. Final words. 

1. Reasons to use a Proxy on Reddit?

Why would you use a proxy on Reddit? The reasons could range from bypassing access restrictions and maintaining anonymity to managing multiple accounts and web scraping. While proxies offer significant advantages in these areas, it’s important to use them responsibly and in compliance with Reddit’s terms, especially regarding ethical concerns like vote manipulation. 

Disclaimer: This section is intended for educational purposes only. Users are advised to familiarize themselves with Reddit’s User Agreement and ensure all activities, including the use of proxies, comply with these terms. Any actions taken based on this information should be done with a full understanding of Reddit’s rules and regulations.

The following list provides an overview of why people use proxies on Reddit.

  • Bypassing Access Restrictions: Access Reddit from a location where it is restricted or blocked, such as in certain workplaces, schools, or countries with internet censorship.
  • Anonymity and Privacy: Proxies maintain anonymity or privacy while browsing Reddit. This is especially useful to avoid tracking or surveillance.
  • Managing Multiple Accounts: Helpful for managing multiple Reddit accounts simultaneously for various purposes like marketing, research, or personal use. Proxies seem to help facilitate this without triggering Reddit’s anti-spam measures.
  • Web or Content Scraping: Scrape data from Reddit for research, marketing analysis, or content aggregation purposes. Proxies can be useful here to avoid being blocked or banned by Reddit’s anti-bot measures. Check our full guide to web scraping to learn more about this technique. 
  • Commercial or Business Use: Professionals or businesses could be seeking proxies for commercial purposes like market research, brand monitoring, or sentiment analysis on Reddit.
  • Upvote: Using proxies for upvoting on Reddit is typically linked to vote manipulation, a practice against Reddit’s rules. Proxies enable users to operate multiple accounts under different IP addresses, facilitating artificial upvote inflation. While this can evade detection, it’s unethical and breaches Reddit’s terms, risking account suspension or bans.
  • Overcoming CAPTCHA or Rate Limits: Proxies can help circumvent frequent CAPTCHA verifications or Reddit’s rate limits. This is especially useful when performing repetitive actions like posting, commenting, or voting. There are some tools like Flaresolverr that when use in combination with proxies can help overcome challenges imposed by websites.

2. Which Types of Proxy to use for Reddit?

The classification of proxies can be multi-dimensional and a single proxy can belong to multiple categories based on its functionality and characteristics. It can be challenging to choose one type of proxy over the other when a clear classification is not made. So, for example, a mobile proxy can be either HTTP or SOCKS5, private or shared, and rotating or static (etc). 

Check our full guide to learn more about proxy types.

ClassificationProxy TypeFeaturesCommon Uses
Protocol-Based Classification
SOCKS5 ProxiesSupports a range of protocols.Gaming, streaming, P2P networks
HTTP (and HTTPs) ProxiesTailored for web traffic Web browsing, content filtering
Source-Based Classification
Residential ProxiesUtilize IP addresses from residential areasGeneral browsing, tasks requiring authenticity
Data Center ProxiesFeature IPs from data centers.High-speed tasks
Mobile ProxiesIPs assigned to mobile devices via cellular networksActivities needing high anonymity
Anonymity Level
Anonymous ProxiesConceal your IP address without indicating proxy useAnonymity without revealing proxy use
Transparent ProxiesDo not hide your IP, detectableNetwork administration
Usage Allocation
Private ProxiesDedicated for single-user useTasks requiring dedicated IP addresses
Shared ProxiesAccessible by multiple users simultaneouslyCost-effective solution for general proxy needs
Rotation Feature
Rotating ProxiesChange the IP address regularly or per requestActivities needing high anonymity like web scraping
Static ProxiesKeep the same IP address consistentlyTasks needing a consistent IP address

Now that you know the types of proxies, let’s discover which types of proxies or which combination of proxies is best suitable for Reddit. 

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3. Optimal Proxy Combinations for Reddit

For optimal performance on Reddit, a strategic combination of proxy types should be considered, balancing anonymity, reliability, and legitimacy.

Here’s a suggested combination:

But first… Remember! We want to emphasize this enough: It’s crucial to adhere to Reddit’s terms of service, regardless of the proxies used. Misuse of spamming or manipulative activities can result in account suspensions or bans.

Rotating Mobile Proxies

Particularly valuable for their high anonymity and dynamic nature. Given that these proxies frequently change IPs, they are excellent for managing multiple accounts, upvoting, posting, or commenting in bulk. Their use reduces the risk of account flagging or bans.

  • 4G or 5G mobile proxies are highly recommended for Reddit due to their reliability and stability, making them less prone to detection and flagging. 
  • Their rotating nature offers added security, particularly for botting or scraping activities, reducing the risk of blacklisting and avoiding Reddit’s anti-spam systems more effectively.
  • These types of proxies (rotating mobile proxies) are recommended for creating new accounts, thanks to their dynamic IP addresses.
Rotating Mobile Proxy

Rotating Residential Proxies

Ideal as a primary choice due to their authenticity. They use IP addresses from real residential ISPs, significantly reducing the likelihood of detection or blocking by Reddit. They’re particularly suited for tasks like account management, community participation, and content scraping.

  • Static residential proxies are a cost-effective alternative to mobile proxies, offering benefits like low fraud scores and unlimited bandwidth. 
  • While they’re less dynamic and slightly more detectable than mobile proxies, they’re still useful for account growth and bulk messaging on Reddit, providing stability at a lower cost.

Combining Proxy Types

To take anonymity to even higher ground, some Reddit users suggest using mobile proxies for account creation and residential proxies for account growth and bulk messaging. This combination can optimize both the cost-effectiveness and the efficiency of Reddit activities. 

Rotating mobile proxies and rotating residential proxies can work perfectly with HTTP protocol (What is HTTP Proxy), but should always be anonymous. For more complex operations or heightened anonymity, use SOCKS5 (What is SOCKS5 proxy) with anonymous proxies.

What to avoid?

Avoid Data Center proxies on Reddit. These are more prone to detection and may lead to account bans or restrictions on Reddit. Also avoid static, shared, and transparent proxies, as these may also easily lead you to bans and restrictions. 


For optimal Reddit performance, use a combination of SOCKS5 or HTTP rotating mobile and residential proxies. Mobile proxies, especially 4G/5G, offer high anonymity and dynamic IPs, ideal for managing multiple accounts and avoiding detection. Residential proxies provide authenticity and reduce the likelihood of blocking, suited for account management and scraping. It’s recommended to avoid Data Center proxies and static, shared, or transparent proxies due to higher detection risks. Always adhere to Reddit’s terms of service to prevent account issues.

4. Finding the Best Proxy Provider for Reddit.

Choosing the right vendor is crucial. The marketplace is replete with options, and finding reliable proxy sellers can be challenging. It is always recommended to try out services before committing, particularly for more expensive mobile proxies.

The following is a list of considerations you should take when finding the best Reddit proxy service.

a. Check Proxy Quality and Fraud Score

Quality and safety are paramount when selecting a proxy. Tools like Scamalytics can be utilized to check a proxy’s fraud score. A score close to zero is ideal, but generally, a score below 25 is acceptable. It’s crucial to remember that even a low fraud score doesn’t guarantee the absence of previous blacklisting or misuse.

b. Suggested Proxy’s Characteristics 

As suggested in the previous section, we suggest a combination of rotating mobile and rotating residential proxies. Additionally, also try to opt for providers with privately owned IP and if possible IPv6 proxies. These features ensure a higher level of privacy and anonymity while using Reddit. Also, look for proxies with unlimited bandwith. Especially look for an unlimited bandwidth mobile proxy with a low rotation time. Each account should use a rotated proxy.

c. Cost Considerations and Quality

The cost of proxies can vary widely. However, it is crucial to prioritize quality over price. Clean 4G mobile proxies are preferred, and users are advised to steer clear of VPNs due to their higher likelihood of being flagged. Before making a purchase, it’s wise to request a trial, especially since mobile proxies can be more expensive.

d. Managing Reddit Accounts with Proxies

Effective account management is key to avoiding detection. Always stick with one IP per account and ‘farm’ accounts to around 1,000 karma before beginning any actions that might be perceived as ‘spammy.’ This strategy enhances the longevity and credibility of the accounts.

e. Risks and Best Practices

While proxies provide a layer of anonymity, they are not foolproof. Users should always be aware of Reddit’s policies and use proxies responsibly to avoid potential bans or blacklisting. Regularly monitoring proxy performance and adjusting strategies based on effectiveness and safety is essential.

5. Final Words.

Using proxies on Reddit is a great idea. But (as with any technology) it requires careful consideration of types and practices.

Remember, the key to successful proxy use on Reddit lies in balancing performance, anonymity, and legitimacy.

By choosing the right proxy combination and adhering to Reddit’s terms, you can enhance your experience (and anonymity) while maintaining ethical standards. We recommend using rotating mobile or residential proxies, and if you stick with a SOCKS5 IPv6 proxy you’ll be ok.

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