Torrentdownloads – How to Use it Safely

Want to download torrents but aren’t sure how to use TorrentDownloads safely? I have two decades of experience with various torrent sites, so I’ve had my fair share of challenges and successes. This guide will help you understand how to use TorrentDownloads efficiently while keeping your device safe with a proxy or a VPN along

Best VPNs for Torrenting: How to Choose?

Torrenting is not risk-free due to the P2P sharing that may expose your identity to your ISP and other unauthorized prying eyes. You may get in trouble for downloading restricted material from torrent websites because of Copyright infringement. Although P2P connections speed up the download process from torrents, they lack adequate privacy. Hence, specific VPNs

ZbigZ – All to Know or Why You Shouldn’t Use it

As a technology expert, I’ve used hundreds if not thousands of software, hardware, and online services designed to improve our digital lives. We have streaming services, torrents, VPNs, proxies, AI, and more that make our online activities interesting, fun, easy, and secure. Well, ZbigZ is not one of them. Yes, it works. Yes, it is

Radarr Full Guide – How to Install, Use & More

In this 2023 complete step-by-step handbook to Radarr, we will go through everything you need to start with Radarr. You’ll learn the basics of what Radarr is, how it works, and how to set it up and integrate it with other apps. The following table of contents shows in detail what we will cover.

What is torrenting? Everything you need to know about torrents. [2024]

In a nutshell: A torrent file is a type of small computer file with the extension .torrent. It is used by the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol to share, transfer, or download files (usually large data within a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. Torrenting is thus, the act of participating in the sharing (downloading and uploading) of data using